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Mobile technology helps police issue tickets more quickly

Several departments have been upgrading their systems so that e-citations can be issued for traffic violations.

Issuing the traditional type of traffic ticket can take a tremendous amount of time, but with the use of mobile technology, several police departments have been making it possible to speed up the process by quite a bit.

The idea will help to save time for the officers and will make the process at least a sliver less painful for drivers.

According to the clerk of the Circuit Court for DuPage County in Illinois, Chris Kachiroubas, the average amount of time that is required for a police officer to pull over an offender, speak to him or her at the side of the road and then return to the cruiser in order to write the ticket is eighteen minutes. After that, the officer is required to send the ticket to the office of the clerk, where other employees must enter it into the system. A court date must be issued and a notice must be mailed to the offender. It takes a full 10 days before the offender will even learn what his or her court date will be. By that point, the date could be within two weeks. To speed up the process, many departments have looked to mobile technology.

Using mobile technology has made it possible to skip many of the manual processes involved in issuing tickets.

Mobile Technology - PoliceBy using mobile devices as a part of the traffic enforcement process, it becomes possible to issue e-citations. That has reduced the average amount of time required to create the ticket from having been 18 minutes to a much smaller 6 minutes, said Kachiroubas.

The new system allows a police officer to use a handheld mobile device or laptop in order to scan the driver’s license of the person who has been pulled over. The information on the license automatically populates the digital ticket so that it does not need to be entered manually. The officer can then select the offence(s) and that information is automatically entered into the system of the police department and the country. A court date is automatically generated.

The mobile technology device of the police officer is connected to a special printer located within the cruiser so that the ticket can be printed out, including the court date for the offender.

Mobile ticketing to launch at Delhi-Palwal Rail Station

Commuters who are using the two train lines in India will be able to use cell phones to buy tickets.

A new mobile ticketing system will soon be launched to make it possible for commuters in Haryana, India, who travel between Palwal and New Delhi to be able to purchase their unreserved tickets by way of cell phones.

All that is required is a smartphone and the appropriate mobile app and the user can buy tickets on the device.

This mobile ticketing program will be implemented as of August and is a component of a broader strategy to convert unreserved tickets into a paperless system. It is also meant to help to reduce the need to stand in line and purchase those tickets. This system will be available to users of Android or Windows based smartphones. All they need to do is download the free Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) app.

With the app, the mobile ticketing features become available to the device user who can display their ticket to officials.

Mobile Ticketing - Image of Delhi MetroThe railway ticket can be purchased through the use of a credit or debit card that is entered into the application. With the UTS app, commuters who are asked to show their tickets by railway officials can simply display the information on their mobile device screen.

This app makes it possible to buy a paperless ticket for a destination anywhere along the Delhi-Palwal section of railway, which spans 32 miles. Along this stretch, there are 15 different stations, including Nizamuddin, Tughalakabad, Faridabad and Ballabgarh. All of those stations will be covered by the paperless mobile tickets service.

The system was created by the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) “utsonmobile”. The mobile app can be downloaded from either the Google Play store or the Windows Store, as appropriate. Once it has been installed, it walks the user through all of the required steps for making the ticket purchase, on-screen.

That said, despite the fact that the hope is that the majority of commuters will use the mobile ticketing system, the traditional ticket windows will still be available to travelers who wish to buy paper tickets.