ACUITY® by Tyto Athene Partners with MicroAutomation to Launch ACUITY NG 9-1-1 Solution

Herndon, VA, February 28, 2021 –(– Tyto Athene, LLC, a full-service systems integrator and inventor of ACUITY by Tyto Athene, is excited to announce in partnership with MicroAutomation, a leading provider of contact center and 911 solutions, including Omni911, the launch of the ACUITY Next Generation 9-1-1 Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) solution.

Tyto Athene’s ACUITY Micro Data Center was developed to deliver mission-critical edge processing, analytics and unified communications in a turn-key solution that only weighs 30 pounds. Before ACUITY, setting up communications in adverse conditions required truckloads of equipment and up to 20 or more personnel. Tactical teams were often forced to use ad-hoc solutions that were not interoperable, leaving even more issues to resolve – taking hours or even days to operationalize. By creating ACUITY NG 9-1-1 COOP, Tyto Athene and MicroAutomation come together to bring 9-1-1 and emergency response a full Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) to the tactical edge with full standard E-911 and NG 9-1-1 functions via Omni911.

Omni911 by MicroAutomation is a software-based solution for Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) that works seamlessly within ACUITY. Omni911 is a user-centric, feature-rich, highly flexible technology that is used in emergency operation centers which includes Mobile Call Handling and a CAD/mapping solution for Local PSAPs and DoD bases that need to deploy call handling capabilities to remote locations.

ACUITY NG 9-1-1 COOP was created to assist PSAPs in meeting the NENA Continuity of Operations Plan which mandates that all PSAPs operate a backup center if the primary center is inoperable. ACUITY NG 9-1-1 COOP can operate as a primary or secondary data center and protects teams from network failure and loss of access to critical information and emergency applications.

The ACUITY NG 9-1-1 COOP is built from the ground up for specific needs and is immediately available for Public Safety users. Omni911’s flexible design allows for easy interface adjustments, expansion, and the adaptation to evolving NG 9-1-1 standards. Omni911 is NENA i3 compliant and has been tested and proven functional at NENA ICE.

“Adding MicroAutomation and their Omni911 solution to our ACUITY platform is a perfect fit,” said Fabian Plath, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Tyto Athene. “Especially in cases of natural disaster or emergency response, the ACUITY NG 9-1-1 is a secure, quickly deployable solution. ACUITY NG 9-1-1 can operate as a cloud-based standalone system or create a redundant, geo-diverse configuration of your existing 9-1-1 call center. Overall ACUITY NG 9-1-1 provides the latest technology and tools first responders and tactical teams need when facing life or death situations.”

“We are excited and proud to partner with Tyto Athene in delivering NG 9-1-1 crucial communications capabilities with state of the art technology that is required by their customers who must be able to deliver life-saving services in diverse and challenging environments” said Keith Blackmon, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MicroAutomation.

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About MicroAutomation
MicroAutomation leverages proven technologies and best practices to create and implement reliable and effective emergency response and enterprise contact center solutions for public safety, healthcare, retail, hospitality, utilities, and other targeted industries. MicroAutomation is the automation and efficiency expert in the contact center industry and promises to choose and implement the right technologies and solutions to meet your business needs and improve your customers’ experience. For more information, visit

About ACUITY® by Tyto Athene
ACUITY Micro Data Center combines best-in-class technology with mobility and efficiency in a single form factor. This rugged, agile solution provides 10 credit card servers, WIFI, and LTE, mission-critical edge processing and analytics capabilities, data security, and unified communications in an easy to use, turn-key solution that only weighs 30 pounds.

ACUITY’s versatility and processing power can be utilized as a portable standalone data center or as an extension of your infrastructure on the edge. Either implementation provides key data center capabilities such as, identity management, session migration, load balancing and failover, micro/hyper-segmentation, virtual machine deployment, container deployment, private/public cloud implementation, and active directory services. To learn more, please visit

About Tyto Athene, LLC:
Tyto Athene, LLC is a full service systems integrator focused on helping clients accelerate their ability to make decisions by providing secure access to enterprise information throughout their operating environment. We use a wide range of technologies, innovative thinking, and proven processes to deliver successful outcomes for its clients worldwide, including a historically proven track record of success within the Federal marketplace providing turn-key voice, data, networking and UC systems. Tyto Athene is also the inventor and provider of the ACUITY® Micro Data Center product line. To learn more about Tyto Athene, please visit

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Ecosmob Launch WebRTC Client Solution Development for Business

Ahmedabad, India, February 28, 2021 –(– Ecosmob, carrier-grade VoIP solution provider, announced the launch of WebRTC client solution development service for business. The company head made the announcement stating that the current situation calls for superior but affordable conferencing, calling, and collaboration solutions for remote working and for people on the go.

Google’s WebRTC provides a facility for audio-video calls, conferencing, collaboration, and document exchange within the browser window. However, it needs API integrations and the development of a WebRTC client solution. This is where Ecosmob, with its expertise in carrier-grade communications and VoIP development, proves to be a cut above the rest. Ecosmob’s WebRTC development services offer customizable communication solutions. For instance, a large enterprise with distributed work environment may want a common communication platform for hundreds of its remote-based employees. On the other hand, a small business startup’s needs may be more compact. Ecosmob satisfies each type of user.

A question arises as to why businesses should prefer WebRTC client solutions rather than the traditional VoIP SIP-based IP PBX. In a single sentence, the answer is simplicity and robust security as well as ease of use. The best advantage is that all communications are through the browser, without the need for special software or hardware. For example, everyone owns a smartphone that has a microphone, camera, and speakers as well as a screen. That is sufficient. You can conduct large-scale conferences and invite participants to join and such participants can join in through the browser.

As to why choose Ecosmob for WebRTC development services, the answer is that WebRTC is apparently simple but there are complex issues such as audio clarity, jitter-free video, and security. Then there are issues related to internet speed, bandwidth, and connectivity. Ecosmob team of WebRTC developers consider all these and implement codecs as well as script modifications that will give the most seamless experience.

Ecosmob has a decade and more of experience developing carrier-grade VoIP solutions and it has developed everything from Class 4/5 soft switches to SBCs to IP PBX development. Currently, its WebRTC solutions are preferred by business enterprises for ease of use, facility to collaborate for remote workers, and document sharing in a highly secure environment. Ecosmob provides an entire gamut of service from compact WebRTC solutions for use by, say, five people, to complex ones that allow conferencing between hundreds of participants. Apart from regular communications, WebRTC becomes a solid platform for interaction and collaboration between employees and a vital training tool too. Use is limited by imagination and when you use it to the fullest, you have the best return on investment.

Where are these solutions used? Business is a prime example. It can replace the standard IP PBX to a large extent, permitting seamless VoIP calls at a lower rate in addition to video conferencing and video chats. WebRTC client solutions are perfect for the healthcare and education sector. It is ideal for one-to-one, one to many, many-to-one interaction as can be found in these sectors. Ecosmob welcomes challenges as well as innovative use cases.

Ecosmob offers personalized service, guarantees timely completion of projects, and gives the best rate. In addition, clients can expect full support at all times.

If you are interested to know more about WebRTC development please do get in touch with Ecosmob on 1-303-997-3139, 91 7778842856, or chat on

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