Dingtone Helps the World Connect with Families and Friends in China

San Jose, CA, February 16, 2020 –(– China coronavirus death toll has already exceeded 1000 and millions of people in different parts of the country have been placed under quarantine. In this emergency situation, a low cost calling and texting app named Dingtone is helping people inside and outside China to get connected with its stable and quality voice call and text service.

Coronavirus outbreak in China has already entered its third week, claiming well over 1000 lives. So far, the virus has sickened over 45,000 people in China and 24 other nations. In an attempt to contain the Wuhan coronavirus, China has issued the largest quarantine in human history. In total, 16 cities were put on lockdown, affecting an estimated 46 million people’s lives.

Quarantines have been used in China to prevent the spread of disease. The idea of separating the healthy from the sick is not new. Documents dating as far back as the Old Testament contain rules for isolating people with Leprosy. However, putting individuals into confinement in today’s advanced world has its own issues as well.

As the number of infected people continues to climb, people all over the world are terribly worried about their friends and family members that are trapped at home in China. In this scenario, the easier and faster way for them to find out the whereabouts of their family members is via calls and texts. Sound quality for international call is also of vital importance for those working and living overseas.

“It’s been over three weeks since my parents were trapped in the house; I am really concerned about them. I cannot fly back right now, so I will talk with them on the phone several times every day to make sure if everything is fine now. Communication has become extremely important for us like never before. I have recently started using a calling app named Dingtone for keeping in touch with them. It has good voice quality and is very cheaper for international calls without roaming charges,” says a company employee in California, U.S.

“We completely understand how important it is at present for the overseas people to remain well connected to their friends and family members in China. We are trying our best to do our bit to help them with our low cost and highly efficient service,” said a spokesperson form Dingtone, a low cost calling and texting app that offers phone calls to over 200 countries and regions.

In times of this national emergency in China, Dingtone has seen an increasing need for international calls from different parts of the world to China. All Dingtone employees are now working harder to provide cheaper and more stable phone call and text services for people around the world.

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About Dingtone: Dingtone’s vision is to help people get connected around the globe through roaming free international phone calls, unlimited text messages and instant sharing of photos, videos, locations and much more. Dingtone also offers millions of local phone numbers from up to 17 countries, if a 2nd line is needed. The company believes in delivering a low-cost calling and texting app that can help people get connected around the world and they are already on it for years.

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Ethernity Networks and TietoEVRY Boost 5G Performance with UPF/VPP Acceleration

Lod, Israel, February 15, 2020 –(– Ethernity Networks, a leading supplier of data processing offload solutions on FPGA (field programmable gate array) for virtualised networking appliances, and TietoEVRY, a leading digital services and software company, announced today that they are jointly offering an open source concept based on VPP for 5G User Plane Functionality (UPF) to accelerate 5G packet processing at the network edge, where high bandwidth and low latency are of key importance.

TietoEVRY has developed UPF software components for packet processing and control that makes use of the Virtual Packet Processing (VPP) open source project to enable high flexibility in 5G networking.

By offloading the data plane to Ethernity’s FPGA-based ACE-NIC100 SmartNIC, the integrated offering provides extremely high bandwidth and low latency while saving CPU cores. The integration uses industry-standard Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) APIs to offload VPP/UPF to the ACE-NIC100.

The concept and joint offering follows the trend of network disaggregation, in which service providers are seeking to complement and enhance their 5G networks by deploying Open UPF, in combination with edge connectivity. Several carriers and vendors have already decided to move their UPF to the edge, usually by choosing FPGA SmartNICs for acceleration.

With the ACE-NIC100’s small footprint and low power dissipation, the integrated reference software from Ethernity and TietoEVRY is truly optimized for edge deployment, being fully containerized and using the VPP data plane. This allows service providers to boost performance, reduce networking overhead, and lower the total cost of ownership, as well as collocate the UPF with other services.

Open source software and FPGAs also support network disaggregation for 5G by ensuring that customers will not be tied to any single software or hardware vendor. Moreover, open source software avoids security issues due to the ability to inspect code while simplifying additional enhancements and placement options.

“As communications service providers continue to race toward initial 5G rollouts, they are recognizing that they cannot achieve the required benchmarks to enable true 5G performance without significant data plane acceleration,” said David Levi, Ethernity Networks CEO.

“Offloading data processing and resource-consuming virtual functions to an FPGA-based SmartNIC is the most efficient means of achieving such acceleration and eliminates heavy loads on the CPU. It frees those resources for user sessions that require deterministic results for high throughput and low latency.”

TietoEVRY and Ethernity will now jointly promote these accelerated UPF technologies to OEMs and system integrators as well as through the companies’ technology partners and customers.

“Delivering on the full value of 5G calls for embracing cloud-native programmability and connecting application data to users, while achieving high performance close to the network edge. Leveraging our 5G software engineering expertise and working closely with Ethernity, we have been able to show an integrated, disaggregated, and accelerated UPF reference design,” said Harri Salomaa, VP and Head of Telecom Cloud Infrastructure and Applications BU at TietoEVRY.

“ACE-NIC100 and Ethernity’s carrier-grade APIs allowed for minimal integration effort while achieving excellent results with our containerized 5G UPF.”

About Ethernity Networks
Ethernity Networks (AIM: ENET.L) provides innovative, comprehensive networking and security solutions on programmable hardware for accelerating telco/cloud networks. Ethernity’s FPGA logic offers complete Carrier Ethernet Switch Router data plane processing and control software with a rich set of networking features, robust security, and a wide range of virtual function accelerations to optimize telecommunications networks. Ethernity’s complete solutions quickly adapt to customers’ changing needs, improving time-to-market and facilitating the deployment of 5G, edge computing, and NFV.

About TietoEVRY
TietoEVRY creates digital advantage for businesses and society. We are a leading digital services and software company with local presence and global capabilities. Our Nordic values and heritage steer our success. Headquartered in Finland, TietoEVRY employs around 24000 experts globally. The company serves thousands of enterprise and public sector customers in more than 90 countries. TietoEVRY’s annual turnover is approximately EUR 3 billion and its shares are listed on the NASDAQ in Helsinki and Stockholm as well as on the Oslo Børs.

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