Reasons why a responsive website is now a necessity

Over the last decade or so, the way we use and interact with the internet has changed massively – in many ways driven by the launch of the (at the time ground-breaking) iPhone. 

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to remember a time when we didn’t all have smartphones, but Apple’s invention has served to transform modern communications – and the internet itself. 

Indeed, the iPhone would even bring about the demise of Adobe Flash and drive the move to more modern coding techniques like HTML5 and CSS.

The rise of mobile internet

The use of mobile devices to access the net has been steadily growing for many years and mobile internet traffic now accounts for over 50% of all web traffic. However, as our range of devices continues to grow, it’s now more important than ever that web content can adapt to different screen sizes to be viewed effectively – a process enabled by so-called Responsive Format web design.  

Ways to check if your website is responsive

A very simple test of a site’s responsiveness is to view it across different screens – everything from your cellphone to tablet, or even your connected TV. A responsive site will look good on each, with text and graphics expanding or contracting to sit comfortably within the frame. 

Before the introduction of CSS and HTML5, websites used to be built using formatted tables with fixed dimensions that made it impossible to scale content. If you find your site looks odd on different screens, enlisting the services of a local web designer will help isolate the issues and allow you to formulate a plan to port your content over to a new responsive design.

Reasons why a responsive website is now a necessity

Other reasons why responsiveness is so important

If you don’t change the formatting of your site to a responsive design, you risk alienating users visiting your site on different devices – or losing them altogether. However, there are other very important reasons to move to a responsive design, including:

Google: As early as 2015, Google openly proclaimed it would be prioritizing mobile-friendly sites over non-responsive designs. Always a company with its finger on the pulse of technology, Google could see the dramatic rise in mobile traffic and moved to accommodate it better within its services – to the point it now actively penalizes old designs by reducing the ranking in its Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Bottom line: if you’re to stand any hope of generating traffic from Google, you need to move to a responsive design.

Responsiveness is cost-effective: In the early days of mobile growth, it was commonplace for web developers to produce two versions of the same site – one for device use and one for larger screens. Moving to responsive format means you need only have one website, cutting development time and fees.

Website management: Again, going back to the early days of web development, it used to be the case clients would have to approach their development company to make changes to their site. Nowadays, by using a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress in tandem with a responsive design, clients can make changes to content or add/delete pages without having to call on their developers.

Compugen Systems Inc. Awarded Top 50 Most Promising Microsoft Solution Providers by CIOReview

Houston, TX September 22, 2021 –(– Compugen Systems Inc. (CSI), a service-led and human-centric technology company, takes third place in the Top 50 Most Promising Microsoft Solution Providers award for 2021. CIOReview outlines, “The enlisted organizations help businesses go-to-market faster and grow using Microsoft Technology solutions.” Placing in this award shows that Compugen is an ideal partner, that knows how to align technology to customer’s business goals and their brand purpose.

Terry Mirza, President of CSI, notes, “Compugen Systems Inc.’s history is underscored with an unwavering mission to social responsibility. We understand that behind every process and policy, there’s a person and a purpose. We believe in the life-altering power of human ingenuity, and together, we use technology to drive change in a way that creates a positive, rippling impact on the world around us.” 

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and CSP, Compugen focuses on leveraging the power of Microsoft to drive growth for customers and help them transform in significant ways to achieve their goals. Harnessing the potential of Microsoft’s cloud solutions is one-way modern companies can gain this agility and react to changes in their markets and customer desires as they happen. Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner (CSPs) play an instrumental role in helping customers leverage these technologies while keeping their employees focused on their core competencies. 

CIOReview publishes this award every year to the top companies that they believe are the most competitive solution providers. The magazine shares that with a wide variety of solutions providers entering the industry was a set of advanced Microsoft solutions CIOReview has created this recognition to help companies navigate through the best-of-breed Microsoft solutions providers.

The magazine comments, “The differentiation in capability and service delivery makes Compugen Systems Inc an ideal recipient of this award.”

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CIOReview is a leading technology magazine that is at the forefront of guiding enterprises through the continuously varying business environment with information about the solutions and services. The magazine services as a trustworthy knowledge source as well as a platform for the C-suite executives, industry experts, technology buyers, and other decisions-makers to share their valuable insights about new trends in the market.

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