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Loreen Worden: [email protected]
About Loreen: With nothing but a little community college under her belt, Loreen started making her way into the online news business – this is when it was clear, she wanted to report the news. While looking at all of the subjects out there she quickly realized how important mobile commerce is and will be to all business types. Her entrepreneurial spirit has been shining ever since! But if you ask her, it’s the awesome team of writers that makes this publication shine, day after day!


Stephen Vagus: [email protected]

About Stephen: Stephen Vagus is an aggressive and ambitious writer with several years of  experience in the field of journalism. Born and raised in California,  Stephen has followed his journalistic passion around the world, reporting  on breaking events in countries like Japan and Qatar.

Stephen has an acute interest in the mobile commerce sector, as well as in  marketing and mobile technology.

You can follow Stephen on Twitter as well: @svagus


Bill Wild: [email protected]

About Bill: While taking an extended vacation (due to lack of work) from Bill’s normal occupation as a sound engineer, he found writing to be a new-found passion. Technology trends sparked his interest so he started writing about the latest and greatest gadgets to hit the market and then we found him, or he found us…does it really matter? Bill now writes for Mobile Commerce Press concerning news matters that are changing the industry today.


Dan Gendro: [email protected]

About Dan: He moved to the U.S. just recently. Young and hungry for work and a place to blog he approached us with some great ideas – we said yes and so it began! He enjoys long walks, country roads…oh, we’re just pulling your leg! But we do know that he does like a good story, so if you have something big, share it with Dan!


Denny Schuman: [email protected]

Denny is a graduate of the California State University of Northridge where he majored in Journalism and American History. Denny writes for Mobile Commerce Press on a part-time basis while also working on his own ebook, The Only Mobile Marketer Left Standing. We’ve been told this title may change at least a hundred times before or even after publishing.


John Torney: [email protected]

About John Torney – Originally from New Jersey and a full-time writer. He recently finished up a long-term commitment where he worked in a tutoring program for underprivileged students that show an interest in a writing career. John has shown a special interest in technology and the mobile craze – which comes out in his articles. He has written scholarly papers, articles and reviews on topics ranging from insurance to technology news. Father of two young children, he keeps himself plenty busy!


Julie Campbell: [email protected]

About Julie Campbell: With a solid background in writing and translation Julie has built her career on digging up fascinating and hard-hitting news stories.  For over a decade, she has focused on the impact of technology on the world of commerce and has taken a specific interest in emerging mobile channels.

You can follow Julie on…


Lucy Sanovy: [email protected]

About Lucy- She is a stay at home mom that loves to write. Mother of three, she keeps herself busy, between writing and playing taxi cab! She is originally from Los Angeles and keeps herself in the trend loop with many social networking groups she has formed. She attended UCLA and has found her home as a writer for now and in the future.


Rebecca Lawrence: [email protected]

About Rebecca –  Currently she attends CSUN and is working on her B.A. Her specialty is in technical writing and has posted many quality articles on other popular sites – we are so excited to have her on board!


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