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The Ultimate Travel Gadget Checklist

It’s travel time!!

Have you packed your bags yet? Did you check mark all the essentials to be carried along with you on that trip?

How about the must-have travel gadgets? 

Here is a travel gadget checklist for you to not forget to keep those little gizmos in your bag.

Checklist for the travel gadgets to carry

  • Headphones/earphones with an impressive bass

Travel means enjoyment and relaxation. And for that, having great quality headphones or earphones is necessary. Don’t forget to pick headphones, which have amazing bass, to listen to your favorite band full throttle!

Also, headphones should be noise-canceling ones, to not let the outside noise interrupt your relax-mode.

  • Car charger

Imagine you are traveling miles away on the road, and suddenly your mobile phone shows a low battery signal. 

Oh gosh!

Where would you go for recharging your device? There is no shop or hotel nearby. 

It wouldn’t have happened if you carried a car charger along to ensure that your mobile phone doesn’t feel short of its juice while on a travel spree.

A car charger ensures that your phone stays active to guide you on those new trails that you blaze.

  • Travel docking station

While on a working mode during travel, or any other purpose you wish to access your laptop, then a portable travel docking station is a must-have. 

A docking station lets you add extra ports, and hence, extra capability to your laptop by having ports for USB-C™ charging, slot for SD card, Gigabit Ethernet, 3.5 mm stereo port, and more. 

This travel companion is lightweight and easy to carry.

  • Universal travel adapter

It is normal to carry multiple devices like a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet while traveling. 

For charging these devices, you would need different cables and adapters to carry with you. What a mess it seems to be!

You can get rid of the need for multiple adapters to charge your devices. All you need is a universal travel adapter, which includes different ports such as the fast-charging USB-C™ ports. It lets you charge multiple devices at the same time and is a perfect travel buddy.

The Ultimate Travel Gadget Checklist

  • Wireless travel router

Everyone wishes for uninterrupted internet access, anywhere and everywhere they go! How about having a wireless router that you can carry along while you travel?

Sounds amazing, right?

wireless travel router comes with in-built batteries and an antenna for signal. It lets you connect your devices with the internet, either wired or wireless. 

It is easy to carry, install and can be used even without a power plug. 

An example of pocket-sized tech excellence, isn’t it?

What’s next?

To sum up, you expect hassle-free and enjoyable travel, be it for work purposes or an escape from routine stress. The travel gadgets help you achieve just that!

Though this list of the essential travel gadgets to have is endless, ensure to include the above items while you make your bags travel-ready. 

You can miss your favorite pair of shoes, but not these!

4 Spectacular Places for Yacht charters in the Mediterranean

For both aspiring and experienced sailors, Europe is the treasure trove of perfect yachting spots.

In particular, the Mediterranean region is home to fabulous nature and mesmerizing sea views that attract sailors from all over the world. Of course, modern yachting is characterized by the ability to use technology in your travels. Nowadays, the Internet can help you to simplify the organization of your sea adventure.

At the same time, a yachting vacation in this part of the world offers a whole new dimension to what a sailing experience can be. Exquisite medieval architecture, unique cuisine, centuries-long tradition of wine-making, numerous historic spots – the opportunities are endless. To get the most out of your yachting experience, we advise you to use our 12knots app to visit four spectacular places for yacht charters in the Mediterranean.

We suggest you take a look at visiting following places using our application.



A yachting journey throughout Croatia will help you discover dozens of islands with pristine beaches and beautiful marinas. One of the most famous attributes of Croatia yacht charters are a refreshing pine fragrance along the coastline and clear azure waters.

Croatia is rightfully considered a natural reserve famous for its unspoiled nature. It is also called one of the cleanest countries in Europe. And not just that – local landscapes radiate charm and mystery inspiring you to explore this country.

The 12knots app has an interactive map on which to choose the country of interest (in this case Croatia) and check the availability of yachts. In the list that opens, you will be able to choose the most suitable yacht.

The Adriatic coastline in Croatia is a yachting heaven for beginners and advanced sailors alike. The waters are calm and the weather is suitable for sailing from late spring to mid-autumn.

The ultimate yachting spots in Croatia are:

  • Istria County;
  • Dubrovnik;
  • the Split area (Bra, Korula, Hvar);
  • the island of Sipan.

While yachting in Croatia, you will also be able to enjoy the rich heritage of the Byzantine Empire, Rome and the Venetian Republic. Beautifully preserved ancient buildings, castles, fortresses and cathedrals dot the coastline and are a marvel to the eye.


Yacht charters in the Mediterranean

Greece yacht charters take you to a holiday filled with the spirit of Greek mythology and ancient history. You will be able to visit the magnificent night markets in the coastal towns and find beautiful souvenirs and bric-a-brac. You will meet friendly locals who take to the streets, bars and taverns to enjoy their evenings with a glass of local wine. Surely you can entrust your yachting trip to Greece to the 12knots application. A detailed description of each yacht is available in the app, just select Greece on the interactive map and check the availability of yachts.

Greece is literally an open air museum. Greek cities and towns keep that incredible spirit of antiquity you won’t find elsewhere. Even small villages are often home to the remains of ancient temples and fortresses.

The sea in Greece is calm and turquoise blue, just like the Greek skies. Opportunities for yachting are ample:

  • the Aegean Sea;
  • Corfu;
  • Lavrion;
  • the Ionian Sea (Lefkada, Kos);
  • the island of Zakynthos;
  • Santorini.

Use 12knots app and embark on the same routes Odyssey once took, taste authentic Greek cuisine, watch beautiful sunsets and sunrises and swim in the crystal clear waters. An opportunity not to be missed, right?


france cruise

No place is better for a truly luxurious yachting holiday than France. The French Riviera, or Côte d’Azur, is the world’s finest yachting destination and a beautiful place to add to your travel list, although it’s definitely not the most affordable one.

The 12knots application offers a convenient organization of yachting on the French coast. The app contains special filters that allow you to choose the type of yacht, brand, equipment, price fluctuations, length of the yacht, year of creation and rental period. As you can see, by using modern technology, you can organize a vacation to the smallest detail.

The western part of Côte d’Azur is very appealing for yachtsmen. The mountainous hillsides have the strange beauty of the narrow bays. The latter were gradually carved in the mountains by the water. Sailing in this area is extremely comfortable: warm air masses prevail and the mountains protect the sea from the cold mistral winds.

The most popular Core d’Azure destinations to yacht are:

  • Cannes;
  • Saint-Tropez;
  • Nice;
  • Marseilles;
  • Hyeres;
  • Cassis.

Northern France, with the Bay of Biscay and the English Channel, will be very interesting for advanced yachters.

The hottest season to book French yacht charters is summer. However, yachting journeys in May or September are just as exciting. What better place than France to arrange a romantic dinner on a yacht in the heart of the Mediterranean or explore the rough waters of the Bay of Biscay?


Cruise Corsica

Corsica yacht charters will take you across the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean. They echo the legends about the great emperor Napoleon Bonaparte who has conquered nearly all of Europe.

Visit Corsica on one of the yachts selected in our app. In the drop-down list you can view the available yachts in a particular region and sort them by yacht price, length, types of cabins and year of creation.

Corsica is a majestic green island which has many natural and cultural hotspots. Unlike other Mediterranean islands, Corsica is less crowded with tourists. Here, life still flows calmly and quietly.

The favorite yachting locations in Corsica are:

  • Bonifacio;
  • Porto-Vecchio;
  • Ajaccio;
  • Golfe de Porto;
  • Cap Corse;
  • Bastia.

The climate of Corsica is typically Mediterranean with moderate temperatures throughout the year. Mild summer wind of 8-15 knots blows mainly from the north-western direction (Mistral). In the Bonifacio Channel it can grow stronger, up to 24-28 knots.

Navigating the waters of Corsica is easy and relaxing. There are no sudden tides or currents. All in all, Corsica is a yachting paradise, with its wild and deserted coastline framed by long white beaches and pure waters. Coastal ports are very well equipped and offer first-class facilities.

Don’t be afraid to use the possibilities of modern technologies to organize your vacation. The 12knots application is considered to be unique in its kind, using it you will be able to implement any wish for a yachting trip.