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Top Tips for Mobile Owners

Most people now own a mobile phone of some sort, with many people owning a smartphone that they can do much more than ring and text people on. If you are still struggling to get on with your mobile phone, here are some top tips for you.

Find a Repair Service

Even if you take very good care of your phone, this does not always mean that you will be able to keep it from harm until you decide to replace it. Then, if you crack your phone screen or if your battery life is declining, you should consider finding a business that offers iPhone repair near me. This will allow you to fix your phone instead of replacing it, which can save you money in the long run and can ensure that all of the files that you have failed to back up can stay with you for longer. Although you can try to fix your phone yourself, this can be difficult without the right technical skills.

Choose the Right Mobile

Although many people tend to have the same type of phone now, this does not mean that you have to follow the trend. Instead, you should think carefully about which mobile phone is right for you, whether this is an Android or iPhone. For instance, if you want to connect with and use the same apps as the vast majority of your friends, then you might consider investing in an iPhone. However, some people prefer the layout and the cost of Android phones, and the apps that you will be able to download are often different. So it is important to consider this when deciding whether an iPhone or an Android phone is right for you.

tips for mobile phone users

Be Careful With Sleep

When you are a big mobile phone user, you may find that, eventually, your mobile begins to interrupt your sleep. This is especially the case if you go on your phone before bed, as the blue light that your phone emits can prevent you from feeling sleepy. Then, you should make sure that you turn your phone off and move it away from your bed to avoid the temptation of going on it and that you use the do not disturb function if you are finding that you keep getting distracted by it.

Look at Second Hand Models

You should also consider looking at buying your mobile phone second-hand, especially if you do not use it all the time or if you are not bothered about which model you have. This can then ensure that you enjoy the same phone for less and that you do not have to worry about how much your phone will cost when you want to replace it.

Be Careful With Charging

You should also be careful with the way that you charge your mobile. For instance, you should try not to charge it overnight or wait until it reaches 100% charge to unplug it. You should also try not to charge your phone too frequently as this can also shorten its battery life.

Why Invest Your Time in Puzzle Games?

Puzzle games are the most played games on computers and handheld gadgets. Tetris is the App store that has made puzzle games popular. It has made the game accessible, creating a golden run for the puzzle game.

Puzzle games, including jigsaw puzzles for free, seem quite simple at a glance. Draw line, shoot bubble, match three, and you shall win and experience candy-like visible feedback. With something so easy and appealing yet super entertaining, there is always more than you can see.

In a puzzle game, six key elements are essential for any puzzle game to succeed. To reach the top, you have to cover all the six elements. Missing even one makes the whole play fail.

Tricks for Solving Puzzle Games

  1. Having some new puzzle mechanics

It should not come as a surprise. To hit the home run, you must have something new to offer the gamers. It would be best to come up with a unique puzzle mechanic that will not be boring to play severally. Creating new methods is a complex challenge that gets complicated every time a new game is unleashed. It is an eye-opener that does not always come with a new trend, but you should take a dense puzzle game and make it simpler. You can also use a standard method and create further great visual feedback.

  1. Turn-based game

One essential quality about mobile puzzle games is that they can be held practically anywhere. They don’t go about commanding special silent sessions or specific controls since the action is always in turns. This turn-based puzzle game is the best for passing time.

Turn-based gameplay is the best for any mobile game challenge. Compared to timer-based puzzles such as Bejeweled Blitz, these were the first mobile movers but never gained popularity equating to turn-based puzzles.

  1. Energy mechanic

Most players don’t like the energy method. Energy mechanics cut short episodes forcing you to spend more to continue playing. It can go ahead and ask for spam on your social media platforms. But without energy methods, puzzle games can become dull and suddenly run out of content.

Why Energy Mechanics is Crucial

  1. A. They are catalysts to enhance the completion of the game

For example, the angry bird’s puzzle game does not offer energy. If you miss your first or second attempt, you will start over. You don’t have a ground to try and finish the level by slinging other birds. Without energy, players have limited attempts and no natural end to an episode.

  1. B. Through failing and losing energy. You keep playing, and your chances to score increase on every attempt.
  2. Energy keeps the players retained-When the energy is empty, gamers usually withdraw. They come after some time when the power has been retrieved back.
  3. D. Energy mechanics usually slows the gamer’s progress by restricting the number of games one can play in a day. The restriction is quite crucial for, without it, you can work a month up to 20 levels and watch your competitor finish them in a day through continuous play. Restrictions enable healthy competition.
  4. Social map

Playing a game with friends is essential for your psychology and finances. It kills boredom and the feeling of loneliness. A social map indicates gamers’ progress in estimation to their friends. This map doesn’t count if a player has been active in the game or not. They will still appear on the map. The map also boots their finances as it brings about competition. You have to fight to be more innovative than your competitor.

there are many puzzle games

  1. Pay to continue

It is an old norm in the puzzle game. It is believed to be the primary source of finances in puzzle games because the levels are made of highly complicated mechanisms designed to facilitate the players to fail as many times as possible. You have to pay a certain amount of money to grant permission to continue at every level you fail. Mobile video advertisements also play a significant role in accumulating finances in puzzle games.

  1. Wait or pay gates

In puzzle games, every progress is halted with a gate. Only three ways can help you pass the gate, and they are,

  1. You can open the gate by spending money.
  2. Wait out; this generally means you pose for a few days.
  3. You start playing again to help you earn stars and unlock the gate.

These difficult blocks are concentrated methods to facilitate finance; though limited, these mechanisms are excellent in solving conversion. Blocking player progress with a gate drives them to make that first purchase.


New mechanics, energy mechanics, a social map, and progress gates are some of the requirements for a hit in the puzzle game. But we all know these crossing-off characters are never enough for a ten full titles.