SwithBin Announces First Regulation Crowdfunding on StartEngine

Overland Park, KS July 20, 2022 –(– SwitchBin, Inc., the automated retail store-in-a-box for smartphones and other connected devices announced they have been selected by StartEngine Capital LLC to kick off their first Regulation Crowdfunding raise on the StartEngine equity crowdfunding platform. StartEngine was founded by Howard Marks, the co-founder of Activision and was joined by the respected businessman and Shark Tank Television judge Kevin O’Leary as StartEngine’s Strategic Advisor and Investor. After being accepted onto the StartEngine platform, SwitchBin, Inc. is now filed with the SEC.

You can see the crowdfunding offering here along with a video of the process:

SwitchBin is a technology startup which plans to automate the process of buying and trading in mobile devices with its revolutionary software powered kiosk to both deliver a new device and take back the old, in under 10 minutes. Buying a new phone should not feel like visiting the DMV, and with SwitchBin, the upgrade process has been designed to be simple, fast, and secure. Wireless carriers and retailers need an answer to the labor crisis and SwitchBin believes their automated solution is it. The current product is capable of both delivering a new phone and handling a trade-in without activation. Future development is anticipated to take six months after funding and will allow for the fully designed experience including the app-based solution.

The SwitchBin team and Advisors include an experienced group of tech and retail executives who come from senior roles with major wireless carriers, national retailers, and global supply chain & reverse logistics organizations. Bob Kilinski, CEO, a former head of wireless merchandising and marketing in national retail, has brought in a strong Advisor Board including Glenn Lurie, former CEO of AT&T Mobility, Sally Lange, a former VP at Sprint and T-Mobile, and Mark Anderson, former VP of Enterprise at Ericsson.

“We’re excited the StartEngine team selected us as a partner on their crowd funding platform,” said Bob Kilinski, CEO of SwitchBin. “The proceeds from this first funding round will give us the capital to build the full end to end experience, build more machines for market trials, and bring on the resources we need to lead deployments.”

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Lithuania-Based Oxus.AI Partners with International Development Norway to Bring Advanced Speech Analytics to Sales and Customer Support Teams Across the World

Vilnius, Lithuania July 20, 2022 –(– Lithuania-based Oxus.AI partners with International Development Norway to bring advanced speech analytics to sales and customer support teams across the world.

Oxus.AI, a startup developing a speech analytics suite for sales teams working in any language, has partnered with International Development Norway. Oxus.AI will tap into the partner’s experience with cloud platforms and innovation development to advance its solution, which is currently being piloted with a number of clients in Europe.

Some sales and customer support teams already benefit from AI tools that analyse calls and help improve such key performance indicators as close rate and customer satisfaction (CSAT). However, the problem with most of these tools is their limited ability to service beyond several well-resourced languages (like English, French, etc.). This gap leaves teams operating in other languages having to perform manual analyses, with reps receiving feedback in a sporadic and less than timely manner.

Taking into account the scale of call center operations, the total market that Oxus.AI can reach is estimated at multiple billion euros. More than 100 thousand call centers with ten million agents working in sales and customer support teams are serving Western countries, and about 40% of them are serving non-English speaking customers. That is the serviceable market of Oxus.AI.

“Larger teams record hundreds if not thousands of calls every week. Due to limited capacity, they might end up analysing 1% of these calls, missing out on crucial insights that could help boost key KPIs. We want to equip these teams with AI powered analytics that can process the entire volume of speech conversations and help make progress in a matter of days,” says Mindaugas Bružas, co-founder and CEO of Oxus.AI.

The platform Oxus.AI is developing is based on a number of Natural Language Processing techniques, including real-time speech-to-text transcription and limited dictionary search. The goal is to have a language-agnostic tool that could be scaled according not just to the language a team operates in but also the specifics of their business.

To achieve these goals, Oxus.AI has partnered with International Development Norway (IDN), a spin-out of SINTEF Foundation, the largest contract research institute in Scandinavia. Their projects have so far reached 28 countries in four continents. One of their focus areas is helping enterprises solve challenges related to digital transformation and IT infrastructure development.

“We believe that salespeople and customer support teams across Europe face the same challenges that an AI-driven solution could help solve. Thus, we see this partnership as a great opportunity to help businesses in Lithuania, Norway and beyond to stay competitive and grow,” says Anders Stolan, CEO of International Development Norway.

As a startup, Oxus.AI has raised €1.1M to date, and is backed by 70V, Startup Wise Guys, Grouport Ventures and a number of well known angel investors. To implement their project, Oxus.AI received funding amounting to €200K from the Programme “Business Development, Innovation and SMEs” under 2014-2021 Norwegian financial mechanism (Norway Grants). The solutions proposed by Oxus.AI were rated 2nd out of 35 project ideas submitted under the ICT call of the Programme “Business Development, Innovation and SMEs.”

To learn more about how Oxus.AI can help teams improve performance of their customer support and sales calls, register for the webinar scheduled for July 12, 2022:

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The EEA and Norway Grants represent Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway’s commitment to stimulate more sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe, promote bilateral cooperation and tackle shared challenges. The funding period 2014-2021 represents the most ambitious effort to date by the EEA/EFTA States resulting in a total budget of €2.8 billion dedicated to strengthening bilateral relations and reducing social and economic inequalities in Europe.

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