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New Casinos Online Launch the 1st Boom Casino Review

London, United Kingdom, February 17, 2020 –(– takes pride in being first with the latest reviews, has done it again. This time, Boom Casino is the awesome new site getting an unbiased review. The company behind Boom Casino, Hero Gaming Ltd., also has Casino Heroes and Simple Casino among other brands in the same group of successful businesses.

After interviews with lots of frequent players, Boom Casino is taking center stage in the world of new online casinos. The Swedish founder behind Hero Gaming, Georg Westin, give players many new features that are brand new and made from scratch.

One simple feature from Boom Casino is a customizable interface where players quickly can add the latest games, current favourites or slots with high RTP. The look and feel of Boom Casino bring the user experience to another level, partly thanks to the area for customized games. "Obviously, they also selected the best in class web designers to make Boom Casino attractive," says Markus Jalmerot, founder of New Casinos Ltd.

Other features that players requested include fairer bonuses, where it’s possible to win real money without any complicated rules or limitations. Boom Casino therefore gave out 2 instant bonus spins on Jammin Jars where it’s possible to win up to 8000 EUR, or equivalent in CAD, NOK or NZD.

"Typically, the average maximum winning allowed from a welcome bonus round is typically considerably lower," says Markus Jalmerot, founder of New Casinos Ltd. The founder compares data collected by for 40 new online casino sites. Therefore, Boom Casino’s bonuses may be considered more valuable by some players.

The <a rel=”nofollow” href=””>team behind New Casinos Online</a> expects such a generous and rewarding welcome bonus with a super high limit on winnings to be appealing for many new players. The fact that bonuses comes without any wagering requirements is also a big advantage for many players.

When it comes to payment methods, most players sincerely appreciate instant deposits when about to play and secondly, quick withdrawals after winnings. Boom Casino represent the forefront for payments and withdrawals, thanks to an experienced team, modern web design and the most sought after payment solutions <a rel=”nofollow” href=””>such as Trustly</a>, Visa, MasterCard and <a rel=”nofollow” href=””>PaySafeCard</a>. Boom Casino&rsquo;s loyalty program is also considered to be among the most rewarding in the industry during the beginning of 2020.

Some of the most negative aspects of Boom Casino is that they don&rsquo;t have games from Thunderkick and it&rsquo;s only available in a handful of countries during this week&rsquo;s launch. To find out if it&rsquo;s available, <a rel=”nofollow” href=””>visit the review of Boom Casino</a> that blurs out all countries where it&rsquo;s not allowed and recommends an alternative instead.

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Dingtone Helps the World Connect with Families and Friends in China

San Jose, CA, February 16, 2020 –(– China coronavirus death toll has already exceeded 1000 and millions of people in different parts of the country have been placed under quarantine. In this emergency situation, a low cost calling and texting app named Dingtone is helping people inside and outside China to get connected with its stable and quality voice call and text service.

Coronavirus outbreak in China has already entered its third week, claiming well over 1000 lives. So far, the virus has sickened over 45,000 people in China and 24 other nations. In an attempt to contain the Wuhan coronavirus, China has issued the largest quarantine in human history. In total, 16 cities were put on lockdown, affecting an estimated 46 million people&rsquo;s lives.

Quarantines have been used in China to prevent the spread of disease. The idea of separating the healthy from the sick is not new. Documents dating as far back as the Old Testament contain rules for isolating people with Leprosy. However, putting individuals into confinement in today&rsquo;s advanced world has its own issues as well.

As the number of infected people continues to climb, people all over the world are terribly worried about their friends and family members that are trapped at home in China. In this scenario, the easier and faster way for them to find out the whereabouts of their family members is via calls and texts. Sound quality for international call is also of vital importance for those working and living overseas.

&ldquo;It&rsquo;s been over three weeks since my parents were trapped in the house; I am really concerned about them. I cannot fly back right now, so I will talk with them on the phone several times every day to make sure if everything is fine now. Communication has become extremely important for us like never before. I have recently started using a calling app named Dingtone for keeping in touch with them. It has good voice quality and is very cheaper for international calls without roaming charges,&rdquo; says a company employee in California, U.S.

&ldquo;We completely understand how important it is at present for the overseas people to remain well connected to their friends and family members in China. We are trying our best to do our bit to help them with our low cost and highly efficient service,&rdquo; said a spokesperson form Dingtone, a low cost calling and texting app that offers phone calls to over 200 countries and regions.

In times of this national emergency in China, Dingtone has seen an increasing need for international calls from different parts of the world to China. All Dingtone employees are now working harder to provide cheaper and more stable phone call and text services for people around the world.

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About Dingtone: Dingtone&rsquo;s vision is to help people get connected around the globe through roaming free international phone calls, unlimited text messages and instant sharing of photos, videos, locations and much more. Dingtone also offers millions of local phone numbers from up to 17 countries, if a 2nd line is needed. The company believes in delivering a low-cost calling and texting app that can help people get connected around the world and they are already on it for years.

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