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Itemtopia Launches New App That Organizes Your Life and Everything in It

Ottawa, Canada, November 21, 2020 –(– Itemtopia Inc., a life, knowledge, and personal asset management software company with a free app for iOS and Android, announces a way to get your life and home organized without the need to get your hands dirty. The latest update includes a new walk through and getting started capability. Itemtopia is available in 11 languages and already has users in 65 countries.

When you create a profile, Itemtopia walks you through adding your home, your car, and some of your services. You then enter the “My Life” home screen, which categorizes your life into the; (i) Things you own, (ii) Services you use, (iii) and your Family and Pets.

For every “thing” added to Itemtopia, you select a category of what it is you are adding, and a place for Notes, Receipts, Warranties, Reminders, and Documents then appears. Itemtopia is much more than a filing system because as you add your vehicle, the system proactively looks for recalls every day and immediately alerts you when it finds one. It also sends an alert 30 days in advance of any product warranty expiring so you can check to see that everything is working fine or take advantage of a repair without having to pay for it if something is amiss.

Unlike banking apps, which track your expenses, Itemtopia allows purchases or expenses to link to an item, person, pet, or service – all categorized by their type of expense – enabling you to see the individual lifetime cost of these specific things in your life. Receipts can be tagged as tax-deductible or reimbursable along with reports for total assets, present valuation, or a listing of what you own, which is useful for insurance claims.

“We realize that keeping all the information about the things or people in our lives is virtually impossible, so we focused on providing simplicity by creating a single blue + icon which knows exactly where you are and what you want to do within Itemtopia. Items, notes, reminders are all added this way, and our users tell us we are one of the few apps on their home screen,” says Kristen Hulaj, Itemtopia’s UI Designer and Director.

Itemtopia creates a complete history of your experiences and knowledge, and everything is searchable, thus becoming your own personal Google for your life and the things in it.

“Unlike most apps, there is no advertising within Itemtopia. It’s just you and your life in an ever-expanding app with lots of great features planned as we extend our services,” says Kristen.

Itemtopia works both in and out of wireless coverage, allowing you to access your information whenever and wherever you are. Simultaneous multi-device support is included, and it uses encrypted synchronization to update all other devices or family members, so the most recent information about everything is in everyone’s hand. It even backs your data up via encrypted transfer, just in case you lose your phone.

Itemtopia’s founder, Steve Hulaj, grew his first item/asset tracking software company, Nextair Inc., from his basement into a global customer base of large enterprises in over 45 countries before selling it to Blackberry in 2005. With over 30 years of experience tracking items, Steve says, “Keeping a history of all my things and being a bit OCD about how to keep this simple and powerful was the idea behind Itemtopia. Creating an app for people rather than a large enterprise is also incredibly enjoyable because my wife and family see the benefits and beauty of what we regularly enhance as they use it almost every day. Of course, that means I now hear direct user feedback at the dinner table rather than in a conference room, which is also entertaining.”

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About Itemtopia
Itemtopia Inc. is the developer of the free Itemtopia app for iOS and Android. Already available in 11 languages with users in over 65 countries, Itemtopia has proven that virtually everyone everywhere wants to be better organized. Itemtopia plans to offer additional services in the future but continues to grow and advance its global growth by keeping things simple.

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SDMC and Minerva Networks Complete Android TV Integration

San Jose, CA, November 20, 2020 –(– Minerva Networks, the leading provider of management platforms for the delivery of advanced television services, and SDMC, the global leader in the field of Digital TV, today announced that they have completed the integration of an Android TV based solution for pay-TV operators. The new solution uniquely supports Android TV deployments across all network streaming types, including multicast for operators who might be bandwidth limited. Recent deployments include E-Networks of Guyana, Comteco in Bolivia, and Dhiraagu in the Maldives.

“Most operators have multiple types of networks including DSL, fiber to the home, fixed wireless, QUAM, and mobile and Minerva along with SDMC can work with all of these network types,” said Randy Osborne, SVP of Worldwide Sales, Minerva Networks. “This flexibility gives operators the ability to launch sooner and avoid having to deploy a new network infrastructure to support a modern TV service. It’s less complex and more efficient for operators because they can do network migration at their own speed without causing delays to the TV service rollout.”

When paired with the Minerva 10 platform, SDMC STB’s becomes part of a turnkey platform that offers a full range of television functionality including catch-up TV, restart TV, personal video recording, recommendations and binge watching.

“We understand operators have a number of business and technical constraints they have to work with when upgrading their video offerings,” said Laurence Yan, SVP of Worldwide Sales, SDMC. “As first movers on multicast with Minerva on Android TV, we are excited to be working with a partner with a large subscriber base and extensive experience deploying across all types of networks.”

About Minerva Networks

Minerva is the leading provider of management platforms for the delivery of next-generation television services. Over 300 operators worldwide have deployed Minerva’s solutions to power advanced entertainment services that delight millions of subscribers. Minerva enables operators and content providers to transform their video offerings and deliver unique experiences anywhere and on any device. For more information, please visit

About SDMC

As the global leader in the field of Digital TV, SDMC has established end-to-end solution advantages in Android TV / Linux devices, OTT / IoT platform and SaaS cloud services, helping operators worldwide deliver immersive video experience and rich entertainment services to their subscribers.

Through close collaboration with ecosystem partners, SDMC creates lasting value for their customers, enrich home life and build a more intelligent future.

Since 2003, SDMC has served over 300 customers and 100 million households around the world. For more information, please visit

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