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PMG Assists Technology Client MadHat Media to Seek Investment Funds & Strategic Alliance Partners

Boston, MA January 12, 2023 –(– Ed Hennessy, PMG’s CEO, announced today that his firm is collaborating with MadHat Media, an innovative, technology solutions provider with extensive experience within the Telecom and Big Data arena. The target program is designed to reach and familiarize investment sources, within PMG’s active network, to MadHat’s breakthrough capabilities. This effort supports this round of needed funding. As a by-product, PMG will also introduce and align MadHat Media with target companies that can represent leveraged relationships or Strategic Alliance Partners.

MadHat Media is a Boston-based technology design and development group comprised of elite technologists prominent within their field of expertise and has considerable proprietary I-P. The company has invented a new way to compensate for deficiencies/limitations inherent in the structural underpinnings of Internet infrastructure.

The company intends to deploy an infrastructure standard to address the underlying security issues and inefficiencies in the underpinnings of the Internet infrastructure to create the world’s largest Software Defined Network using the public Internet.

The company is headed-up by Industry heavyweights touting over 30 patents, a rich history with Fortune 100 companies, public safety organizations, Government agencies, and with demonstrated experience taking companies from start-up to early-stage to public-company status.

Donald Layden, Chairman for MadHat Media indicates, “The company’s founding team believes that Market Readiness and Timing are ripe for this unique technology and the objective is to establish MadHat’s technology, as the standard for Communications infrastructure and Virtual Network Appliances.”

Alexandria B. Lynn, President and Chief Legal Officer further amplifies the point, “We have spent years perfecting this technology, based on decades of Industry experience and it’s clear that MadHat Media will stun the industry with our technology solutions.”

MadHat’s technology will integrate seamlessly into existing Internet Infrastructure and deliver quality of service (QoS) guarantees, increased bottom-line performance and security measures not previously attainable.

Although the market is flooded with Big Internet Players – the assessment is that their emphasis is to downplay this critical infrastructure problem, which is a by-product of protecting their turf.

The company has initially defined a target segment for its technology solutions that represents a $350 Million opportunity base that is currently Leaderless, although they project that the actual market potential can approach a multi-billion market cap.

Could Mad Hat Media be the next Unicorn?

Here is a link to reference material that highlights MadHat Media’s capabilities/solutions:

Ed Hennessy, CEO for PMG said, “MadHat Media fits into our technology sweet spot – and given the breadth of Investment sources that we have intimate relationships with, we are confident that PMG can make a difference and help MadHat’s cause. We represent many technology clients, although MadHat is a rare find and one that not only can turn the industry on its head – it also has multi-billion-dollar potential.”

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CLB Productions Launches 2048 Bitcoin; the Puzzle Game that Rewards Players with Cryptocurrency

Yonkers, NY January 11, 2023 –(– CLB Productions, a leading developer of innovative games, announced the release of 2048 Bitcoin, the latest addition to the popular 2048 puzzle game. This version offers players the unique opportunity to earn satoshis, the smallest unit of Bitcoin, by playing the game.

2048 Bitcoin offers an innovative twist on a classic game, as it adds a financial incentive for players. Not only does it challenge players problem-solving skills, it also provides a chance for them to earn cryptocurrency. This game is a must-try for any puzzle enthusiast looking for a new and exciting way to earn rewards.

The game is guaranteed to be won and the real challenge is to see how many satoshis can be earned. The players are encouraged to try it out at, and for those who want to know more about it, read the feature on Hobby Developers by ZEBEDEE at

2048 Bitcoin is the latest release from CLB Productions, a company that constantly creates unique and interesting games for its players.

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