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Mobile battery technology could last twice as long by next year

You may be able to use your smartphone for double the time as early as 2017 with new tech.

Smartphone tech is moving forward at a lightning speed but mobile battery technology has not managed to keep up. Our phones are an increasingly important and central part of our daily lives. For this reason, they are becoming faster, more powerful and with higher resolution displays. Those features require energy.

Unfortunately, the amount of energy they require is too much for the average smartphone battery life.

Among the main struggles faced by smartphone owners is the need for a better phone battery. Mobile battery technology is falling short of an average user’s usage requirements. As smartphones become more awesome, they are consuming a larger amount of juice in a smaller amount of time. The phone lithium-ion batteries have not increased in capacity at the same rate as phones have increased in need.

Mobile Battery TechnologyHowever, new technology under development by SolidEnergy Systems may have the potential to change that. The company has been focused on improving drone battery life, but this tech could also have other applications – smartphones, for example.

This mobile battery technology uses lithium metal foil anodes instead of using graphite.

The foil makes a considerable difference. Today’s mobile battery graphite anodes are considerably thicker. In fact, the foil is only 20 percent the thickness of the anodes made from graphite. This is important because it gives batteries more physical space for improving capacity.

SolidEnergy CEO Qichao Hu said this difference will let tomorrow’s batteries hold twice the capacity. Said simply: batteries will be able to fit much more power into the same amount of space. Hu explained that this means twice the capacity in the same physical size battery or the same capacity in a half-size battery.

Moreover, SolidEnergy isn’t just working on a concept anymore. Its prototype battery was unveiled last year. At that time, the prototype was already half the physical size of the battery in an iPhone 6. Yet, it had a 2.0 amp hours capacity. The iPhone 6 battery has a 1.8 amp hours capacity. Therefore, in half the physical space, the mobile battery technology already offered more than twice the capacity.

Smartphone trends study show increase in US iPhone use

Although the iPhone 6 is already growing in popularity, the 4S is still in use by many Americans.

New data has recently been released by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners firm, which has examined certain smartphone trends and that has shown that iPhones are being used now more than ever by Americans.

The data revealed that there are currently an estimated 94 million iPhones being used in the United States.

That smartphone trends figure doesn’t represent the number of devices that are owned, but is instead the number that are actually being used by their owners. By the end of march, there were 94 million iPhones in use by Americans. Among them, the estimate was that 38 million of them were iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus devices. The Consumer Intelligence Research Partners also estimated that there are also still 8 million iPhone 4S devices still being used within the country. This, despite the fact that that smartphone has been on the market for four years.

The data in this smartphone trends report was based on a survey that was conducted in March among Apple customers.

Smartphone Trends - Woman using smartphoneThe Consumer Intelligence Research Partners surveyed 500 owners of Apple products in the United States. The participants included people who had purchased at least one iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer.

To offer some perspective for this data, it has been compared to another study that was conducted by eMarketer, which estimated that by the end of this year, 184.2 million people in the United States will be smartphone users. This means that 57.3 percent of the country’s population, and 71.6 percent of all mobile device users will have smartphones from one manufacturer or another.

That same firm has also predicted that the smartphone trends will only continue and that by the close of 2018, there will be 220 million smartphone users in the United States, representing 66.9 percent of the population and 82 percent of all mobile device users. This is very promising for Apple as it experienced quite the successful launch of its last two models of iPhone (the 6 and 6 Plus), but now it is up to the company to continue this popularity as the market becomes increasingly saturated.