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Mobile security isn’t standing up to hackers among top 100 apps

A recent report has shown that most of the leading Android and iOS applications have been hacked.

The third annual “State of Mobile App Security” report has now been released, and what it has revealed was that mobile security in both Android and iOS based applications is not high enough to be able to keep hackers from getting in.

How many have been hacked? 87 percent of the top 100 paid Apple iOS apps and 97 percent of the top paid Android apps!

Beyond the rise in mobile security breaches in apps that are occurring among the Popular Free apps that are most frequently downloaded, the report from this year also showed that there was evidence of hacking that was quite commonplace in the applications in the following categories: financial services, retail and merchants, healthcare and medical. Overall, these were primarily driven by hacks in mobile apps for Android devices.

This shows that there remains a serious concern with regards to mobile security in top apps of all types and forms.

Mobile Security not standing up to hackersThe report is produced by Arxan and it has provided an update over the indicators that have been published in previous years with regards to the prevalence of mobile security issues in the form of hacked apps over the two largest smartphone platforms, Android and iOS. Considering the rapid growth of the global mobile app usage, the insight provided in this report could be quite important.

This report also projected that there will be an increase in the download rate of free mobile apps of 99 percent, to the point that they will reach 253 billion downloads in 207. In the paid app download category, it is expected that there will be a 33 percent increase by 2017, when it will reach 15 billion downloads.

The mobile security risk associated with hacking in apps is remaining stead with Android apps, as the figures showed that 97 percent of the top paid apps have been hacked. That said, the risk of hacking in the top paid iOS apps is considerably higher now than it had been last year, as it is now at 87 percent, compared to last year’s 56 percent.

Mobile security firm is acquired by AVG

AVG Technologies has announced its intentions to purchase Location Labs.

The Dutch anti-virus and internet security software company has revealed it has made a $220 million deal to acquire the California-based mobile security firm in an effort to improve its security offerings for mobile devices.

Many of the top mobile operators in the US market use Location Labs technologies.

At&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and Telefonica use the mobile security company’s integrated platform to provide their Android smartphones with integrated security, which comes as a pre-installed service on the phones.

According to AVG, the acquisition will considerably widen its position as an internet security provider and will also speed up the expansion of its mobile security division. At the same time, by acquiring Location Labs, AVG stated it will not only gain access to personal security products of value, but could also form new partnerships with the four major US mobile operators.

“Location Labs has effectively cracked the code for mobile monetisation through its highly successful business model with industry partners. This acquisition significantly accelerates AVG’s mobile strategy in this area,” said AVG’s CEO Gary Kovacs. He noted that the company is not only unique in the market for providing secure mobile services, but it has also managed to do this in a way that generates money.mobile security - AVG

The deal gives Location Labs the chance to boost its mobile security offerings beyond the US market.

Tasso Roumeliotis, the founder of Location Labs, said that by adding AVG’s mobile products to their own “services and products will significantly enhance the innovation and support we can provide to our partners and to additional markets worldwide.”

Under agreement terms, AVG is to pay $149 million upfront and, based on performance levels and targets, an additional $80 million over the next two years. Before the acquisition takes place, it requires shareholder approval. However, if it is accepted, it is anticipated that the deal will close during Q4 2014.

Presently, AVG’s offerings for mobile security include AVG Zen, which is an app for both Android powered mobile devices and Windows PCs, as well as AVG AntiVirus for Android.