Social media marketing leaders in the celebrity world

Though many are always trying, there are some stars that have managed to stand out above the rest.

Although virtually nonexistent a decade ago, social media marketing now plays a vital role in overall campaigns for movies and television, and when it comes to success over this unique channel, some celebrities have managed to make a far greater impact than the rest.

Among the leaders in this race are two late night talk show hosts named Jimmy.

The first is Jimmy Fallon and the second is Jimmy Kimmel. Those celebrities have found themselves in a continual race to generate the most popular social media marketing videos, posts, and other campaign elements. This helps them to encourage a larger number of viewers to pay attention to their own shows. While they’re at it, the battle between them has become quite intense.

Beyond them, other celebrities and their teams are using social media marketing to drive brand awareness.

These stars aren’t just on their own, posting at random. Many of them have complete sophisticated teams of experts that have a thorough understanding of the ways in which to draw viewers and build a brand online. Among those that are making the largest splash, at the moment, is Vin Diesel, who is currently at the top of the social world, particularly because of the Facebook presence that he has developed.

According to data released by based on the number of official Facebook fans, this month, Vin Diesel has the most, with 72.3 million, with Will Smith in second place at 65.7 million. Selena Gomez has 58.1 likes from fans while Jackie Chan isn’t far behind at 55.7 million. Adam Sandler has been holding strong at 50.7 million and Megan Fox has 49.1 million. Farther down, Justin Timberlake has 34.9 million, Jennifer Lopez has 34.3 million, Taylor Lautner has 31.2 million, and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) stands at 31.1 million.

Interestingly, the leaders on Twitter are not the same, with Justin Timberlake being the most popular with 31.8 followers. Clearly, social media marketing is a serious strategy for celebrities, and while Twitter is playing an important and growing role, Facebook remains the network where the largest number of viewers can be found.

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