Social media marketing is keeping tech firms on their toes

Trends in this area are changing the skill sets required by marketers and the talent they hire.

With the explosion of the use of smartphones and the clear impact that social media marketing is now having on the shopping decisions that consumers are making, marketers are starting to require a new set of skills as they find themselves busier than ever in the attempt to use this medium to its fullest.

The use of this online and mobile marketing technique has expanded in two primary ways.

The more obvious purpose for social media marketing has been to provide businesses with a direct path that will connect them with consumers so that they can be specifically targeted. However, beyond this, there has been a considerable business to business segment that has not only taken off, but that is continuing to rapidly grow. This is requiring an entirely new tack in terms of posting and strategy, as it is having an impact on a company’s present and future customers, clients, relationships, and even talent.

The IT industry is currently evolving at a striking rate, and social media marketing is now at its heart.

Social Media Marketing - Tech Industry According to the Wipro head of corporate brand and communication, Sachin Mulay, “The IT industry has taken several steps in terms of being present there.” He went on to explain that “The science of marketing has completely changed because of technology and it is rapidly changing.” The technology that we now have at our fingertips is giving us the opportunity to market ourselves individually and personally and to provide customers with customized information. It is also offering the opportunity to provide the ideal information to the right person using an appropriate device at exactly the right time.

Similarly, the Cognizant executive vice president of strategy and marketing, Malcolm Frank, explained that businesses within the IT services arena are experiencing a growing benefit from social media marketing. The reason is that this presence can have an impact on new customers in that they can better understand the way that the company thinks, while it enhances the relationships among the company’s existing customers.

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