Social media marketing campaign by Sephora looks like Instagram

The beauty retailer has created its own Beauty Board initiative to enhance its loyalty program.

Sephora has just added the latest part of its mobile marketing strategy by introducing a social media marketing element that could make it quite the powerful means of boosting the effectiveness of its loyalty program.

This is being accomplished by way of a new feature to the company’s app that is comparable to Instagram.

The initiative has been labeled Beauty Board. It is a social media marketing element within the iPhone app for the retailer. This allows the mobile application to leverage mobile marketing through photo sharing in order to be able to allow loyalty program members to connect with each other. This initiative is meant to be an expansion of the My Beauty Bag effort that was rolled out by Sephora last year.

This latest social media marketing effort is not coming as much of a surprise due to the retailer’s mcommerce focus.

As the company has always held a place at the forefront of mcommerce, this mobile marketing news is not entirely surprising, despite the fact that it is fresh and unique. The retailer continually adds to its user experience, and adding a social component is a feature that could prove to be quite appealing to many shoppers.Social Media Marketing - Sephora Campaign

The purpose is to help to enrich a shopper’s overall experience with the Sephora brand. It helps to provide customers with a new and interesting organic way in which they can interact more fully with the brand and its products. The goal in enhancing this interaction is to boost brand loyalty. Should the effort be successful, it is very likely that other brands will not far behind in introducing similar strategies.

The social media marketing features from the Beauty Board are available only to members of the loyalty program called the Beauty Insider. It can be found under the iPhone app’s “Inspire Me” section of the menu. It gives users the option of either uploading a picture of a specific look using the brand’s makeup, or taking a photo for their own personal viewing later on.

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