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Mobile ads at Facebook tested to improve lead generation

The social network has been testing out a broad spectrum of smartphone marketing strategies.

Facebook has already revealed that it is launching and testing a dramatic range of different types of mobile ads in order to help to improve its lead generation abilities while reducing some of the struggles and challenges that marketers have faced.

The social network is already working with several unnamed brands to try out some of its bigger ideas.

Should these mobile ads prove to be effective, then it is likely that they will become regular marketing products that are available at Facebook. This type of opportunity could become very popular with a range of different kinds of marketers, including those in the financial, auto, insurance, and real estate industries. That is important to note as those are often players that have considerable budgets to back their marketing goals.

The mobile ads are designed to help to encourage interaction from consumers who view them.

Mobile Ads - Facebook Marketing StrategyThis is because the design of this mobile advertising would allow consumers to complete forms, sign up for newsletters, obtain price quotes, schedule appointments, book service calls, and complete other goals right there through the Facebook ads with two simple screen taps.

According to Facebook in a blog post that it made on the subject of this new mobile marketing strategy, “This helps avoid a lot of the pain points usually associated with filling out forms like having to leave one app and start a form in another app and having to enter all of their information from scratch. Just a few taps and people are done.”

This effort would make it possible for Facebook users to be able to complete forms by tapping on them in order to add their names, email addresses, and telephone numbers based on the information that they have stored in their profiles.

The social network went on to specify that the user will be able to edit their contact information so that only the information that they want to share will be sent to the advertiser. Furthermore, as an additional privacy feature, that information is never sent to the business until the user clicks the “submit” button in the mobile ads, specifically choosing to send it.

Social media marketing spending will reach $36 billion in 2 years

Some of eMarketer’s latest stats are now showing that this year will already reach $15.5 billion in SMM ad revenue.

It is no great surprise that social media marketing is increasing in its use, but according to research from eMarketer, this form of advertising is also consistently breaking spending records and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Advertising over SMM is expected to reach a tremendous $36 billion by the year 2017.

This represents a tremendous amount of growth from what is predicted for this year. The research from eMarketer also indicates that the social network that will be experiencing the greatest benefit from this advertising trend will be Facebook. As the popularity of these networks continues its increases among consumers, advertisers are catching on to the potential at a growing rate. This is causing them to spent more in order to be able to make contact with their target market in a more meaningful and effective way.

This year, advertisers around the globe wills spend nearly $24 billion on social media marketing.

social media marketingThe eMarketer research has predicted that this will represent an increase of 33.5 percent over the spending for social media advertising, last year. In only two years from now, the use of social media for ads and marketing will make up 16 percent of the worldwide digital ad spend.

The top spenders on SMM will be located in the United States and Canada, where it is anticipated that marketers will be boosting their payments to the various social networks by a whopping 31 percent in 2015, alone. This will bring the amount of spending on that medium up and beyond the $10 billion mark for the first time in history.

When looking at it from the perspective of the breakdown for individual users, this actually represents a spend of over $50 per user throughout the social networking universe. That amount has been predicted to rise to reach $71.37 per user within the span of the next couple of years, said the data and forecasts in the eMarketer report.

The market that will come in second for social media marketing spending in that time will be the Asia-Pacific region, where there will be a predicted spend of $7.4 billion. Third place will belong to Europe, where they will spend $4.74 billion.