Mobile games may hurt the retail sector

Mobile games create problems for game retailersMobile games have found success, perhaps at the expense of retailers

There can be no denying the utter success that mobile games have seen in recent years. The game industry has begun to shift to be more accommodating of mobile consumers, while many developers have made a name for themselves through an exclusive focus on mobile games. Even developers that have traditionally clung to console games have begun entering into the mobile space. While mobile games have solidified the success for many in the game industry, it may take a disastrous toll on the retail sector.

Analysis suggests that game retailers may face uncertain future

Games are not the only things that are changing in the game industry; the way people get their games is evolving as well. In the past, consumers would have to visit physical stores to pick up games that they had been looking forward to. With the advent of mobile technology, and an increasing focus on Internet business, these stores are beginning to see less traffic. With mobile games pushing to dominate the game industry, these stores may actually see closure, according to 24/7 Wall St., a market analysis and news group.

Gamestop experiences turbulence in game market

Gamestop, a U.S.-based game retailer, may fall victim to the success of mobile games and the changing game industry landscape. For several years, Gamestop has sold games to avid consumers and boasts of more than 4,400 stores throughout the U.S. The company has done very well in solidifying its position in the game industry through its various partnerships with game developers. Despite these partnerships, however, the retailer has been seeing less in-store traffic, though its Internet traffic has increased significantly over the past several years.

Retailer expected to close 500 stores in the future

In November of 2012, Gamestop announced that it would be closing 200 of its stores in 2013. Mobile games were cited as part of the reason behind the closing of these stores. The retailer is projected to close an additional 500 stores in  the coming years due to the impact of mobile games and other elements within the game industry. The company’s gross profit for the third quarter of 2012 show that its three core product segments have been hit hard. These segments are new hardware, new software, and used products.

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