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Sony to launch new development studio focused on mobile games

Sony is beginning to take mobile gaming more seriously

Sony is taking another step into the mobile games space with the formation of ForwardWorks, a first-party development studio focused on the mobile space. The new developer will work exclusively on creating games for mobile consumption. ForwardWorks will be based in Tokyo, Japan, which has become one of the largest and most lucrative markets in mobile gaming, and will be a wholly-owned Sony subsidiary. Backed by Sony, ForwardWorks may develop games that are based on franchises that exist in Sony’s portfolio.

Consumers want developers to move away from dubious microtransaction model

What games ForwardWorks will be developing specifically is not yet known. Some consumers have expressed hope that the developer will shy away from conventional business practices in the mobile gaming space, such as microtransactions. In-game purchases are quite popular among gamers, but they still take issue with the fact that they can play a game for free but have to pay for additional content. Consumers have taken issue with microtransactions because they effectively gate content, preventing people from playing supposedly free games without spending money. Microtransactions also provide some players with in-game advantages over others, which many people consider to be unfair.

Mobile gaming market continues to expand, reaching $25 billion in revenue last year

Sony and Mobile GamesThe mobile gaming space is growing quickly. The mobile space is now the largest gaming segment overall, having generating $25 billion in revenue in 2015. This has made the mobile space very attractive to companies like Sony, who have a longstanding position within the game industry. These companies had traditionally focused on traditional gaming, either through game consoles or computers, but the advent of mobile technology has forced these developers to shift their focus.

Sony to continue focusing on console and PC games, but will support the mobile space

Sony will not abandon the traditional gaming space, but will be showing more support for mobile games in the future. ForwardWorks will face strong competition from various other developers that have already established a foothold in the mobile space, but the developer may find success by leveraging the power of Sony’s existing intellectual properties.

Mobile games are powering growth for NetEase

NetEase is finding more success in China’s promising mobile gaming market

NetEase, one of China’s largest gaming and Internet companies, has posted its revenue and earnings report for the fourth quarter of 2015. The report shows that the company has seen exceptional growth, powered mostly by the growing popularity of mobile games. NetEase has been involved in the gaming space for some time, with online gaming being the company’s largest business segment. As the mobile space has grown over the years, the company has delved into mobile gaming, offering consumers access to an assortment of entertaining and, in some cases, addicting games that they can play wherever they are.

Net revenue has increased across the board for NetEase, with the mobile sector powering growth

According to the report, NetEase’s online gaming segment more than doubled in the fourth quarter of 2015. Overall growth, however, was powered by mobile games. The company notes that it saw a 103% year-over-year revenue increase from online games, a 68% increase from advertising services, and a 355% increase from e-commerce and other services during the fourth quarter. Mobile gaming has become one of the most powerful influencers of growth for NetEase, with the company’s mobile portfolio now overflowing with more than 80 games.

Company has established a strong position in the gaming market

mobile games growthLast Year, NetEase began taking steps to improve its position in the mobile gaming space. These efforts have proven successful, and this will allow the company to compete with others in the mobile space more effectively. While NetEase is expected to continue focusing heavily on online gaming, particularly where traditional PC games are concerned, the mobile space may begin to take up more of the company’s focus this year.

NetEase may see more growth during the first quarter of this year

Analysts expect that NetEase’s net revenue for the first quarter of 2016 will grow by 126%, but the company has not yet released any information concerning the most recent quarter. If mobile games continue to prove lucrative for the company, revenue growth will likely be secured. It will, of course, have to ensure that its games are quite attractive to consumers that rely on their smartphones and tablets for entertainment.