Mobile games have become the latest focus for Channel 4

It has now announced its first three games, which will be published within the first quarter of this year.

Channel 4 has now announced the first three games that will make up its initial mobile games offerings, and that they will arrive on the market during the first quarter of this year by way of its new publishing branch.

The newly opened Channel 4 publishing branch is called All 4 Games and will soon release 3 apps.

The first three mobile games titles that will be seen from this publisher include: Super Arc Light, Fire Fu and Apestorm: Full Bananas. They will all be available from All 4 Games this quarter for Android and iOS based devices. To complement the announcement of the first three titles, the publishing arm has already released the descriptions and screengrabs of each of those mobile game apps.

These three mobile games titles are meant to become the foundation for what will be a much larger offering.

Mobile games announcement This is the start of the Channel 4 strategy that has been to create a greater draw for the millennial generation while it solidifies its position as an entertainment giant in the United Kingdom. According to Colin Macdonald, the commissioner of All 4 Games, in a recent statement he made along with these announcements, “We’re absolutely delighted to be announcing our first batch of published games, as well as the exciting partnerships we’ve built in our first few months of operation.”

Macdonald went on to express the pride his team has felt in working with some of the “finest mobile games development teams within the UK and Europe.” He also underscored the excitement they feel when it comes to providing those teams with a platform for using and expressing their talent within the category.

This new strategy has the potential to raise the position that Channel 4 currently holds within the industry, particularly within the digital and interactive sectors. The first three games are only the jumping off point from which they will be expanding. In fact, its intention is to provide the funding for six annual mobile games releases, which will be associated with the flagship program brands it has already established.

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