Google aims to make mobile games more social

Google - Social Mobile GamesMobile games may benefit from strong social elements

Mobile games continue to pick up momentum around the world and Google is eager to ensure that it can keep consumers as engaged as possible. The famed technology company is not a game developer or publisher itself, but it is responsible for one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world: Android. Google also operates the digital distribution system for Android applications and mobile games. While mobile games have become very popular with consumers, Google believes that there could be more variety in the current market. As such, the company has begun focusing on social games.

Social games continue to be popular with consumers

Social games were first made popular on Facebook. Users of the social network often spend much of their time playing these games while connecting with their friends. Companies like Zynga have made their names with Facebook social games, but there has been a marked decline in variety in these titles in recent years. Google believes that social games could be well received among the mobile crowd and has announced plans to introduce a new service that focuses specifically on social mobile games.

Google announces new service

Google Play Games, as it is called, is being built to bring a variety of social elements into Android gaming. The service will include multiplayer functionality, achievements, cloud-based save features, as well as other social options that are meant to help people connect and communicate with one another. The service is expected to make the mobile games available through the Google Play marketplace more attractive to a wider range of consumers. These games could benefit from the exposure they could see through the various social elements of Google’s new service.

Consumers continue to be open to mobile games

Consumers have, thus far, been very accommodating of mobile games. The market is awash with thousands upon thousands of mobile games, many of which have not received the favor of consumers. Despite the fact that many of these games go not live up to the standards of consumers, the market continues to be very open to new titles.

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