Mobile commerce is becoming more important for retailers

Mobile and social channels may help the e-commerce sector grow more this year

Mobile and social channels may be the key drivers of e-commerce growth this year, according to Monetate. The firm notes that mobile commerce, in particular, experienced a period of healthy growth and activity during the 2014 holiday season. During this time, mobile purchases increased by 45% over what they had been during the time period of 2013. Approximately 16% of all e-commerce traffic came from mobile devices as well, making mobile a valuable channel for the larger digital commerce space.

Improved mobile experience may be needed in order to ensure that consumers continue to shop on their smartphones and tablets

Monetate notes that mobile experiences are improving, which is making it more likely for consumers to participate in mobile payments in some way. A good experience encourages consumers to continue using their mobile devices to shop for and purchase products online and at physical stores. Poor experiences have the opposite effect, especially if they become inconvenient and considered a burden to consumers that have come to favor mobility.

Engaging consumers in innovative ways can bring them deeper into the world of mobile commerce

mobile commerce and retailEngaging mobile consumers can be extremely difficult. Monetate notes that businesses that want to engage in mobile consumers must do so in a specialized manner. According to the firm, bounce rates on mobile devices are 50% higher than on desktop computers, and consumers are 30% less likely to add products to their online shopping carts when shopping. Finding ways to create a frictionless, convenient, and enjoyable mobile experience can ensure that businesses have the ability to engage mobile consumers effectively.

Loyalty programs could be the key to further success in the mobile commerce space

Loyalty programs may be one of the first steps in driving deeper personalization of the mobile shopping experience. These programs offer rewards to shoppers that favor particular retailers. Monetate notes that these programs are the most profitable type of initiative that retailers can utilize. They also exist as a way for consumers to customize their experiences with the retailers that they are supporting.

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