Jawbone and BaubleBar plan to make new wearables together

The device will be in the form of a bracelet that will come in three different styles for the Up Move tracker.

Jawbone and BaubleBar have announced that they will be partnering up in the launch of a collection of bracelet wearables that will be adding three new styles to this sector of the technology marketplace.

Jewelry design and tech companies are joining forces on an increasing basis to make wearable technology device.

The two were initially brought together for an introduction through a mutual investor, Chris Burch. As a result, BaubleBar’s design team created three different bracelet styles in which to house the Up Move tracker from Jawbone. That device has been designed to track the calorie burning, overall activity and sleep patterns of the wearer. The bracelets all have a watch-like look with a square face in order to make it possible for them to actually contain the wearables. That said, they are decked out with crystals or studs.

The three different wearables are called the “Salsa”, the “Disco” and the “Tango and come in two colors.

wearable technology - partnershipAccording to Daniella Yacobovsky, the co-founder of BaubleBar, “The bracelets are made with metals and crystals and are infused with colors that act as really beautiful neutrals. You can mix and match depending on what your needs are.”

Jawbone will be selling the results of its collaboration with BaubleBar, online. The price of the wearable technology bracelets ranges from $45 (for the bracelet itself without the actual Jawbone Up Move gadget), to $85 which includes both the bracelet and the fitness tracker.

While BaubleBar has made it clear that wearables are making their way into the brand’s collections and that they will be a part of the life of the brand’s customers, “we do not making wearable technology,” said Yacobovsky. She explained that their design team “makes beautiful accessories” and that is at the very heart of what they do, but that they are not a tech development company and that is not a direction that they intend to take, for the moment. Instead, they are seeing an opportunity in working in partnerships with Jawbone to extend the type of product that they already provide.

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