Chronos Wearables claims it can make a smartwatch out of any wristwatch

This is because the product has been designed to retrofit existing pieces into wearable technology.

According to Chronos Wearables, its hardware can be used in order to create a smartwatch by retrofitting existing wristwatches, as the company claims that “the best wearable is the one you already wear.”

This device would allow both digital and traditional mechanical watches to be converted into wearable technology.

The hardware was developed by an American startup. Earlier in June, it drew a lot of attention when it demoed a technique that is called “microsuction” in order to adhere a slim disk to the back of a traditional wristwatch in order to convert it into a smartwatch. That demonstration was made at the Highway 1 accelerator’s demo day. This allows the device – and, therefore, the wristwatch attached to it – to sync with the wearer’s smartphone so that notifications can be delivered to the wearer by way of lights that appear at the edge of the wristwatch, as well as vibrations that the wearer can feel.

The conversion provides a few of the features of a smartwatch that are often seen in smart jewelry offerings.

Smartwatch Ideas - Image of normal wristwatchAccording to Chronos Wearables founder, Mark Nichol, “It’s a super thin disk that uses microsuction to attach to the back of your watch,” adding that “It delivers notifications from your phone, as well as tracking your health.” This indicates that it does have additional features that go above and beyond the current type of pendant wearable technology and is somewhat of an experience that is halfway between that and the latest smatwatches.

Nichol explained that the demonstration at Highway 1 “was our soft launch. We’ll be doing a pre-sale later this summer where we’ll be announcing exciting partnerships with some hot watch brands.” He said that 80 percent of the wristwatches that are currently on the market are compatible with the Chronos Wearables device. That said, the company is also hoping to be able to build its tech right onto wristwatch backs once it establishes some partnerships with watchmakers.

Until now, the interest in the smartwatch from consumers has been limited, even when the Apple Watch – the device that was supposed to propel this wearable technology category forward – was taken into consideration.

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