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Nintendo is embracing mobile games

Nintendo plans to launch its first authentic mobile game in 2016

Nintendo has become the latest game developer and publisher to begin focusing more on mobile games. The Japanese company has a long history with making games mobile-friendly, being the premier name in the provider of handheld gaming consoles. Now, the company is unveiling its first game made specifically for smartphones: Miitomo. The game will serve as a type of social application, allowing users to share information with one another with their Mii avatars.

Company sees significant promise in the mobile gaming space as more consumers rely on their smartphones for entertainment

The company had initially planned to launch the game at the end of this year, but has delayed the launch until March of 2016. This has cast some doubts on Nintendo’s mobile gaming plans, leading to a 10% decrease in the company’s shares. Despite this, however, Nintendo believes that its Miitomo title will be a success among its longstanding fans, especially those that have become very interested in mobile games over the past several years.

Miitomo will make mobile games more social

Mobile Games - Gaming on Mobile DeviceMiitomo resembles other social applications in that it allows users to interact with one another in real time. They will be using their Mii avatars to accomplish this, with the avatars themselves serving as a way to allow user sot get to know one another. Nintendo intends to introduce some of its popular characters into the mobile game at a later date, introducing some nostalgia into the title and making it more familiar with consumers that have been Nintendo fans since the company got its beginning.

Nintendo will not be focusing exclusively on mobile games

Nintendo is just one of several companies that has begun to focus on mobile games. Konami, another Japanese developer and publisher, recently announced that it would be focusing almost exclusively on mobile titles for the foreseeable future. Nintendo does not intend to follow suit, but the company will be paying more attention to the mobile space, especially as the demand for enjoyable and highly social mobile games continues to rise among consumers.

Nintendo breaks into mobile games

Mobile gaming has caught the eye of Nintendo

Acclaimed Japanese game company Nintendo is going to break into the world of mobile games. The company has announced that it will be developing and publishing mobile games in the near future. These games will be available on traditional handheld consoles as well as smartphones and tablets. Mobile gaming has become a powerful market for the game industry and many developers and publishers are beginning to focus on the mobile sector in order to connect with new consumers.

Nintendo may be able to compete in the mobile games space with its well loved franchises

Nintendo is somewhat notorious for being a slow-moving company. The company tends to stick to common practices that have proven to be successful in the past and is somewhat resistant to changes in the game industry as a whole. Nintendo is the world’s largest game company by revenue, but if it cannot adapt to a changing global market, the company could see its position as a leader diminish over the coming years. Competition in the mobile space is quite fierce, but Nintendo has proven several times that it can provide gamers with an enjoyable experience with their various franchises.

Nintendo teams with DeNA to develop new mobile games

Nintendo breaks into mobile gamesIn order to break into the mobile games market, Nintendo has partnered with DeNA, a Japanese mobile game publisher. DeNA will be designing the first of Nintendo’s mobile games, which will feature some of Nintendo’s most loved and memorable characters. The announcement of the partnership bolster faith among investors, with Nintendo’s stock price rising 27%. Though faith in the company has risen, there are concerns regarding whether or not Nintendo can compete in the mobile gaming space.

Mobile gaming continues to grow in popularity

Mobile games have become quite popular among consumers. These games are considered a valuable form of entertainment for these people, many of whom play games while on commutes or as an escape from tedious schoolwork. Consumers tend to spend money on these games as well, which has made the mobile games market quite lucrative and an attractive sector for companies like Nintendo.