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TalkTalk launches mobile security through voice biometrics

Instead of depending on passwords, which are riddled with problems on every side, the company is headed elsewhere.

TalkTalk has now announced that it will be boosting its mobile security by way of voice recognition technology that will allow their customers to access their accounts, following a hack that revealed thousands of personal customer details in 2015.

Customers phoning TalkTalk support can provide identity confirmation through the sound of their voices.

This has been made possible through the new mobile security biometric technology implemented by TalkTalk for identification purposes. The tech recognizes the user’s identity through an analysis of the voice characteristics of the speaker. In order to set up the voice based security system, the customer is asked to repeat a phrase three times. Through that repetition, the technology develops a blueprint of the voice of that individual. That way, the next time the customer service is phoned, the system will recognize the individual’s voice.

This customer service and mobile security feature eliminates the requirement for providing personal details.

Mobile Security - VoiceWhile it remains the standard for people to use their mother’s maiden name or another password in order to access accounts, TalkTalk is stepping away from that process so that the voice alone will be all that is needed. Moreover, this new program, called TalkSafe, will also be able to reduce the amount of time required for the phone call. Instead of having to go through a time consuming process of checking personal details to confirm identity, voice authentication will do it automatically, right at the start in a few short seconds.

According to TalkTalk, this is one of the most secure and safe ways for a customer’s identity to be confirmed. The reason is that the biometric tech is able to capture more than 100 different voice characteristics. This includes the shape of the nasal passage and the larynx, in addition to the way words are emphasized and pronounced and the speed at which they are spoken.

When discussing this digital and mobile security tech, the company’s consumer managing director, Tristia Harrison, explained that “We’ve listened to what our customers have told us about wanting a simple, secure service. TalkSafe is an important and exciting step on that journey.”

Ear scanning mobile security technology patented by Amazon

This would allow a person to hold a smartphone up to the side of the face to unlock it.

Amazon has now received a new mobile security patent that would make it possible for smartphone users to unlock their devices simply by holding them up in order to scan the shape of their ears.

The patent is for a type of technology that will allow the device to scan the ear through the camera.

The concept of the ear scanning mobile security is not unlike that of a fingerprint scanner. It uses the device’s front facing camera to scan the person’s ear and then conduct a comparison to an image of the owner’s ear that has already been placed on file. The fact is that an individual’s ear is just as unique as his or her fingerprint, which means that aside from the case of identical twins, this can be a method that is just as secure as fingerprint scanning. The exception is in the case of identical twins because they may have the same ears, but their fingerprints differ.

This new mobile security technology would also make it possible to perform a number of other tasks, as well.

Mobile Security Technology - Ear ScanFor example, the ability to scan for a person’s ear can also make it possible for a device to adjust its speaker volume, based on how close it is to the individual. By being able to recognize that it is getting closer or farther away from a person’s ear, it becomes possible to make the speaker volume louder or more quiet as appropriate.

Amazon hasn’t yet stated whether or not it has any intentions to use the new ear scanning patent within any of its upcoming devices, such as the next generation of its Fire smartphone. That said, it is also not known exactly how helpful this mobile technology will be to a user as the majority of devices will allow someone to answer an incoming call without having to unlock it. Speaking on the device is the only behavior that actually requires it to be held up to the ear, which means that in most other cases, it is just as easy to use a fingerprint scan for the purpose of unlocking the device.

It will be interesting to find out what Amazon has up its sleeve for this mobile security feature, as the company has always been an innovator in technology.