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Report highlights the growth of mobile commerce in the US

Mobile shopping is accelerating at a rapid rate throughout the country

Internet Retailer has released its latest report concerning the mobile commerce space in the United States. More consumers have begun using their mobile devices to purchase products in the retail space, as well as several other sectors. As such, the market has been experiencing healthy growth and more merchants are beginning to focus on the mobile space in order to adequately engage consumers. This growth has shown no signs of slowing down in the foreseeable future.

Mobile commerce sales predicted to reach $104 billion by the end of this year

According to the report from internet Retailer, mobile commerce sales in the U.S. are expected to reach $104 billion this year. This represents a 38.7% increase over the mobile commerce sales that were reported last year. The report estimates that mobile commerce is growing 2.58 times faster than the e-commerce market, which is predicted to grow by 15% this year, reaching $350 billion. While e-commerce still represents a stronger force in the retail sector, mobile is becoming a more important focus for retailers.

US lags behind other countries in terms of mobile spending

U.S. Mobile Commerce Report While mobile commerce is growing quickly in the United States, this growth is lagging significantly behind other markets around the world. The report shows that the mobile commerce market is growing much quicker in Asia, with 14 of the region’s most prominent retailers reporting mobile sales growing by a compound annual growth rate of nearly 250%. In Europe, the mobile commerce market is growing 1.82 times faster than what is being seen in the U.S.

Retailers are becoming mobile-centric

By the end of this year, mobile commerce is expected to account for nearly 30% of all e-commerce sales made in the United States, an increase of 24.6% over what was reported in 2014. Many retailers are beginning to focus their efforts on mobile consumers, offering them new ways to shop for products online and in a convenient fashion. As these services become more available, mobile commerce is expected to continue experiencing healthy growth throughout the country.

HP taps Carta for new mobile payments initiative

Carta Worldwide to provide HP with efficient and secure mobile payments technology

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has chosen Carta Worldwide, a developer of transaction technology, to deliver new mobile payments services to its customers. These services will be delivered to those in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Canada. Carta’s cloud-based payments and tokenization technology will be used to help HP meet the growing demands for mobile payments support that are coming from consumers. This technology may also introduce more security to the payments sector.

Tokenization may help make mobile transactions significantly more secure

HP suggests that Carta is one of the only companies that is capable of offering everything its customers need for convenient and secure mobile payments. The company’s tokenization technology, in particular, is considered quite robust, and may provide consumers with a greater sense of security when it comes to making a transaction with their mobile devices. Tokenization involves using digital tokens in place of financial data, and these tokens can be used to authenticate a transaction.

Mobile payments continue to gain prominence among consumers and businesses alike

HP - Mobile Payments TechnologyMobile payments are becoming more popular among consumers, but many people still have concerns about the security of making a transaction with a smartphone or tablet. These security concerns have slowed the adoption of mobile payments among consumers as well as retailers. Companies like Carta and HP have been looking for ways to lay these security concerns to rest and cloud-based payment systems combined with tokenization may be an adequate solution to this problem.

Carta intends to provide HP with future-proof technology that will allow it to compete more aggressively in the mobile commerce space

Carta’s services allow its customers to quickly deploy a wide range of mobile payments solutions. The company believes that its technology will provide HP with a “future-proof” roadmap for its plans in the mobile payments space. HP will, of course, face competition from other companies that have their own interests in mobile commerce, but providing consumers with a safe way to purchase products with a smartphone may win the company some significant favor.