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Zynga to focus on mobile games with new CEO

Zynga sets its sights on the growing mobile sector

Mobile and social game developer Zynga has announced that it has yet another new CEO. Frank Gibeau, former vice president of mobile games for Electronic Arts, has become the developer’s latest CEO. Mark Pincus, the founder and current CEO of Zynga, will remain as an executive chairman of the company after Gibeau takes the position. Appointing Gibeau as the new CEO highlight’s Zynga’s efforts to focus more heavily on the mobile space, which the company had moved away from in the past.

Mobile gaming continues to grow in power

Mobile gaming has become a very powerful force in the overall game industry. This fact has lead several companies, including prominent developers Nintendo and Konami, to focus more heavily on developing mobile games. Zynga has specialized in social games for some time, producing titles that can be played of Facebook. These games highlight interaction over social media networks, but this is not something that is foreign to mobile gaming. Consumers playing games on their mobile devices can easily interact with one another, making the mobile gaming space just as social as any other gaming sector.

Gibeau may lead Zynga to success

Zynga Mobile GamesZynga intends to provide consumers with an innovative experience when it comes to mobile gaming. Gibeau will lend his expertise in this regard, as he has more than 25 years of experience in the game industry. Gibeau has been involved in the mobile space for a significant amount of time and believes that interactive entertainment can be better, especially on mobile platforms. Zynga already has a strong consumer base to draw from, but the company has been heavily criticized for the decisions it had made in the past.

Mobile gaming may be a difficult market for Zynga

Zynga has managed to find success in the social gaming market with only a very small number of games. While the developer has produced many such games, only a few of them have managed to become universal successes. This may be mirrored in the mobile space, where consumers have proven themselves to be fickle when it comes to the type of mobile games they want to pay and, more importantly, pay for.

EA has dumped several mobile games from online marketplaces

The company has taken several of these apps down, including “Real Racing” and “Dead Space”.

Electronic Arts (EA), the mobile games publisher, has now taken down a dozen mobile games from online marketplaces such as Google Play and from iTunes, without having given any prior public warning that these options would no longer be available.

This has arrived as quite the surprise to many players who had still been enjoying these titles.

The common belief is that the mobile games published by EA have been of exceptionally high quality and these titles were among the better options that had been available. Some players have responded with disappointment that these titles have been taken down. Some of the higher quality app titles that have been removed from the online stores have included “Flight Control,” “Dead Space,” Real Racing,” “Burnout Crash,” “Mass Effect Infiltrator,” and “Bejeweled 2”.

Two of the more popular mobile games from that list have been “Real Racing” and “Flight Control”.

EA Dumps Sevearl Mobile GamesThose popular game apps were among the more surprising removals by EA. The reason is that they have been popular and were considered by many people to be among the mobile gaming opportunities that established devices such as tablets and smartphones as legitimate platforms for players.

As there hadn’t been any announcement made by EA to warn the public, fans of those games have been quite disappointed as they were not provided with the opportunity to prepare for the removal. Beyond the disappointment is a general surprise felt by many as the games were taken down regardless of their high quality and the lengthy lists of positive reviews that they have received.

Still, there remain a number of mobile games that EA has continued to support, such as “EA Sports UFC Mobile,” and “The Simpsons: Tapped Out”. Each of those popular titles can still be downloaded as usual and the regular updates for those options appear to be continuing on without interruption. Some early reports have suggested that the games were taken down as a result of the most recent update to iOS 9 and because – as popular and high quality as they may have been – they might not have been earning very much money for EA.