Star Wars mobile game app with augmented reality launched by Disney

The new application also offers a range of different features such as mini-games, news feeds, and selfie tools.

The Walt Disney Company has now released a new mobile game app with a Star Wars theme that is designed to give users the complete experience, from selfie tools to mini-games, and from news feeds to a number of augmented reality components, among other things.

This free mobile app was released last week and is meant to be the official connection to the brand.

In fact, when Disney released it, they called it “your official mobile connection to a galaxy far, far away.” The mobile game app is free to download and is available for both iOS and Android users. While mobile apps that are tied to movies have a tradition of being so-so, at best, this one at least provides users with a large number of different types of experience and it has been created to keep fans up to date with the very latest at the same time.

The Star Wars mobile game app is meant to keep fans entertained and informed as the new movie release approaches.

Once this mobile app has been downloaded, the user is able to choose from among three different possible themes: Droid, Light Side, and Dark Side. The app runs a countdown to the release of the next Star Wars movie, and has a feed of news relating to the film and the franchise. It also provides users with a library of official videos, sound bites, and images from the animated series and films. The images are apparently of rather poor quality, but users appear to be enjoying the sound board feature.

It is, however, the augmented reality element that is standing out the most in this mobile game app. This is because it allows smartphone and tablet users to project images of characters from the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” movie onto the real world around them, when viewed through the device screen. Among the characters that are available include the new BB-8 droid and a stormtrooper. Disney has pointed out that “This app will continue to grow, evolve, and become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

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