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Mobile commerce adoption is on the rise

A recent ComScore study revealed a positive trend in the use of m-commerce shopping channels.

ComScore has released the results of one of its newest studies. It showed that mobile commerce adoption was on the rise and usage increased by 40 percent. Moreover, mobile recorded a much higher growth than desktop. E-commerce rose by 11 percent during the same span of time.

Overall, the total discretionary retail growth was up by 4 percent during the first quarter of 2016.

The study revealed a 3 percent year over year increase in total digital commerce dollars share held by mobile. The mobile commerce adoption and use share increased from 16.9 percent in Q1 2015 to 18.6 percent in Q1 2016.

Consumers continue to spend only small amounts of money on m-commerce platform purchases. This, despite the fact that they use this method very frequently during the shopping journey. In fact, mobile shopping is considered to be a highly popular mainstream activity. However, data shows that consumers aren’t spending there.

Mobile commerce adoption is rapidly climbing but the spending over that channel isn’t rising as fast.

mobile commerce adoptionConsumers spend two thirds (66 percent) of their total retail time on smartphones. Equally, those same consumers spend only 19 percent of their total retail dollars over m-commerce shopping. Conversely, the opposite was true for desktop using consumers. Those shoppers spent 34 percent of their retail time on laptops and desktops. At the same time, they spent 81 percent of their retail dollars on those computers.

That figure represents a gap of 47 percent. Companies may consider evaluating that statistic as the months and years pass.

When it comes to mobile commerce adoption, the holiday shopping season in 2015 played a critical role. Retail traffic skyrocketed over digital channels. M-commerce outpaced e-commerce every single day from November 1 to the end of the year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday both saw well over 200 million visits in the retail category over mobile channels. As a whole, mobile shopping jumped by 60 percent from the 2014 holiday shopping season to that of 2015. There were 8.1 billion holiday shopping visits over mobile apps and 9.8 billion visits over mobile web last year.

Growth of mobile commerce creates greater demand for business apps

Business apps are becoming more important for companies that want to engage mobile consumers

The growth of mobile commerce has created a greater need for business applications. These apps could help companies better engage with mobile consumers, many of whom are beginning to favor shopping online with their smartphones and tablets instead of using their desktop computers. According to information from Internet Retailers, sales being made through smartphones and other mobile devices grew by 38.7% last year. As consumers become more interested in mobile shopping, the demand for business apps that can accommodate consumer needs is growing.

Mobile spending continues to grow throughout the world

In 2014, mobile spending reached $75 billion, highlighting the growing interest that consumers have in mobile shopping. This growing interest in mobile commerce is coupled with greater consumption of digital media. According to a report from Comscore, approximately 60% of digital media users spend more time on their mobile devices than on traditional computers. As such, they are more exposed to the concept of mobile commerce and are more likely to make purchases with their smartphones or tablets.

Many consumers are beginning to prefer shopping with apps online

Business apps

Business apps cover a wide range of services, from companies offering to sell products to those providing consumers with news updates. These apps have become an important part of many people’s lives. Indeed, without such applications, the mobile space would not be as large as it is today. The advent of mobile commerce has created a greater need for companies to invest in the mobile space, developing and providing new apps that can provide consumers an enjoyable and convenient mobile shopping experience.

Mobile shopping is finding strong support among millennials

Mobile shopping is expected to continue growing in popularity, especially as more consumers begin to become comfortable with the notion of shopping online with their smartphones and other devices. Millennials are likely to become the primary demographic for the mobile space, as these consumers already have a strong history with mobile technology and using devices for various purposes.