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Android revenues have brought $31 billion to Google

According to recent reports, the tech giant’s profits from that amount were about $22 billion.

An attorney for Oracle has recently released a figure that has shown that Android revenues for Google since its original launch have been an estimated $31 billion, with $22 billion of that amount consisting of profit.

The figures were released by the lawyer as a part of the lawsuit Oracle has filed against Google.

The report on this issue was originally made by Bloomberg. It stated that within the lawsuit, it is claimed that Google has been using the Java software from Oracle in order to generate its mobile operating system and that it has been generating these Android revenues without having paid for the use of the Java software in the first place. The figures quoted by the lawyer had to do with the earnings that had been generated from a range of different mobile services and products.

The Android revenues included everything from app purchases to ads running on the operating system.

Android Revenues Bring Google BillionsThe figures shared by Oracle were based on internal financial documents from Google and included the earnings from app purchases within the Play store and Google supplied ads that were run on the mobile OS. Google was quite displeased with the fact that Oracle had obtained and openly shared those figures that were meant to remain internal.

Google expressed its displeasure in the form of a request that it made for a redacting of the figures from the public transcript of the case. It said that “Google does not publicly allocate revenues or profits to Android separate and apart from Google’s general business.” The request went on to say that “That non-public financial data is highly sensitive, and public disclosure could have significant negative effects on Google’s business.”

As of the writing of this article, the decision as to whether or not the Android revenues and profits would be redacted from the case’s public transcript had not yet been laid down. It is not yet known whether the figures will be allowed to remain or whether they will indeed be blocked from the public eye. What is known is that the media has already taken hold of the figures published by Bloomberg.

Mobile ad revenues from Android are now greater than those from iOS

The income from advertisements is now higher on Google’s operating system than on Apple’s.

Until now, Apple has always worn the crown when it came to mobile ad revenues, but according to recent data that was released in a report by Opera Mediaworks, it looks as though the top spot has now been snatched up by Android.

The mobile marketing trends during the last quarter saw a considerable reversal and a defining result.

In the report, Opera Mediaworks underscored the point that even though Android took over Apple’s top spot in terms of its mobile ad revenues and impressions in the first quarter of this year, but the same thing happened in 2014 and iOS came back to reclaim its throne and hold onto it for three straight quarters. The margin by which Apple did manage to take back the lead, though, was very slight during that time.

It is important to note that the figures for mobile ad revenues used by Opera are based on its own advertising platform.

Mobile Ad Revenues - Android and iOSOpera’s mobile advertising platform data was used in order to generate its figures, which means that while the ad revenue information may be true there, this may not necessarily be the case everywhere else. That said, it does provide some useful insight into the trends that are occurring and that may not be exclusive to that one platform.

In the Q1 2015 report from the company explained that “For the first time since we started The State of Mobile Advertising report in 2012, Android is leading revenue generation across our platform, albeit by only a fraction of a percentage point.”

The figures from the report indicated that in this year’s first quarter, Android’s share of the mobile add traffic, worldwide, was 65.17 percent. That said, when it came to the actual ad revenue, it had a 45.77 percent share of the global market. The share held by iOS was only fractionally smaller than Android, at 45.44 percent.

In terms of the mobile ad traffic share from other platforms, BlackBery had a 1.87 percent global share, Symbian’s share was 3.99 percent, and Windows Phone clutched onto a tiny 0.16 percent. For mobile ad revenues, they had 1.96 percent, 1.27 percent, and 0.09 percent, respectively.