Smartwatch ownership predicted to rise in Australia

A new forecast from Roy Morgan Research says that Australians will soon buy more wearable technology.

Independent research firm, Roy Morgan Research, has released a prediction that has said that the claims of intention to buy a smartwatch by Australians currently reflects the types of figures that were generated about the intention to purchase smartphones back when those devices were in their infancy.

For that reason, the firm believes that Australia will soon start to see a notable growth in wearable technology.

The study included the participation of about 520,000 Australians and ran from January through April 2015. What was found was that 2.7 percent of the people who took part said that they felt that they would purchase a smartwatch within the following year. Though that figure may seem rather small, it may be more important than it appears, as the firm pointed out that early studies with regards to the intent to purchase an iPhone – back when that device had only just hit the market – were very similar. Back then, 3.6 percent of Australian survey respondents said that they were considering buying one within the first four months of its entry to the market.

What has yet to be seen is whether the trends for the smartwatch will continue to parallel those of the smartphone.

Smatwatch ownership predicted to climb in AustraliaIt is currently estimated that there are nearly 13 million iPhone owners in Australia. That type of future for wearable technology within the country is clearly nothing to sniff at. Furthermore, when respondents were asked about whether they would prefer to purchase an Apple Watch or if they would rather invest in the wearables from another brand, the figures showed that a similar percentage want the Apple product in wearable technology as was the case with smartphones.

Among those who are interested in the devices, a comparable percentage would prefer an Apple Watch to that of other brands as was the case when an iPhone was the choice over other smartphones within the first four months of its release.

What is interesting is that even the age profile of those who are interested in the smartwatch is similar to the figures from 2008 when the iPhone was new.

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