DIY Cold Plates Can be Customized for Precise Attachment to Hot Electronic Devices

Norwood, MA May 09, 2022 –(– Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) is now providing DIY (do it yourself) cold plates for engineers to custom fit onto devices whose electronics need to be thermally managed for proper performance.

ATS’s family of DIY high-performance aluminum cold plates let engineers safely drill holes in patterns in a mounting pattern that matches the specific connection points of hot devices that need cooling, such as IGBTs, MOSFETs, or other power electronics. Each cold plate includes an etched, no-drill zone to provide a visual exclusion guide. When the right placement and design are determined, ATS can manufacture the cold plates to order.

Manufactured in the USA, ATS cold plates provide localized cooling by transferring heat from a hot device to a liquid that flows to a remote heat exchanger and dissipates into either the ambient or to another liquid in a secondary cooling system. Lightweight and providing a uniform cold plate surface temperature, each cold plate’s internal, mini-channel fin structure enhances the surface area to maximize heat transfer with low pressure drop characteristics and provides uniform cold plate surface temperature.

ATS cold plates have demonstrated to provide more than 30% better thermal performance than other commercially available cold plates.

Another key benefit of the DIY Cold Plate is how easily ATS can create custom versions in volume. Once an engineer has drilled holes and determined the optimum fit of the cold plate to their application, ATS can then take that design and manufacture the cold plates in volume for the engineer.

ATS’s DIY Cold Plates have been successfully used to create custom cold plates for EV Motorcycles, Military Vehicles, Commercial Aircraft, Electric Vehicles, High Performance Computing and any application where air cooling is insufficient.

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Radian Solutions Wins a Spot on FAA's eFAST MOA

Sacramento, CA May 04, 2022 –(– Radian Solutions (“RADIAN”), today, announced that it was awarded FAA’s Electronic Federal Aviation Administration Accelerated and Simplified Tasks Master Ordering Agreement (FAA eFAST MOA).

This contract has a $7.4B ceiling across 8 Functional Areas that provide a full spectrum of technical, engineering, scientific, administrative, and other professional services in support of the FAA and other departments under the Department of Transportation.

The FAA eFAST Contract is the FAA’s preferred small business contracting vehicle for services. This vehicle allows long-term procurements for a broad array of professional and support services in an expedited, efficient, and effective manner to better serve the requirements of the FAA and, on a limited basis and when in the best interest of the Government, all other federal government agencies. Since Fiscal Year 2010, the eFAST program has awarded over $5.5 billion in contracts to small businesses.

Radian Solutions is offered the following four (4) FAA eFAST Functional Areas:

– Business Administration & Management (BAM)
– Computer/Information Systems Development (CSD)
– Computer Systems Support (CSS)
– Documentation & Training (D&T)

Radian’s President, Mr. Niranjan Hiras says, “We are thrilled to receive the FAA eFAST MOA award as it solidifies our position in the federal marketplace. FAA eFAST MOA is Radian’s third federal contract vehicle in the past 18-months.” Radian holds two additional federal contract vehicles which are both Best-In-Class: Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCATS 8(a)) – Pool 1 & Pool 2 and 8(a) STARS III. Furthermore, Radian holds State of California’s Technology, Digital and Data Consulting Master Services Agreement (TDDC-MSA) and the California Multiple Awards Schedule (CMAS).

Radian Solutions is an SBA certified 8(a) and HUBZone consulting company with a successful track record of delivering innovative solutions across the spectrum of State & Local and Federal agencies. Radian Solutions has received multiple commendations for the collaborative and constructive approaches in support of providing IT and training solutions to our customers solving their most difficult challenges.

For additional details regarding FAA eFAST MOA, please click here.

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