California-Based JPR Systems Continues to Support Customers with Process Measurement & Control Equipment

Brea, CA, March 23, 2020 –(– JPR Systems, the leading manufacturer’s representative and service provider of process measurement and control equipment on the West Coast, remains open for business and ready to support customers in a variety of industries with products, services and solutions from top manufacturers, to keep their facilities running smoothly and profitably.

In this time of uncertainty, the company continues to support customers in obtaining measurement and control devices for the food & beverage, water & wastewater, oil & gas, life sciences, chemical, power & energy, and primaries & metal industries, in a variety of ways.

JPR Systems has implemented the following measures to help ensure customer’s continuity of business and unplanned downtime:

-Frequent communication with manufacturing partners who continue to remain operational and support standard lead times with no identified supply chain disruptions.
-Account Managers are available for support at customer facility. If site access is restricted, remote support tools are in place including: remote consultations and meetings, virtual equipment demonstrations, and RealWare HMI Headsets for mobile technicians with audio/visual to access your situation
-Main phone 800-478-1002 is staffed from 8am – 5pm. Emails at [email protected] are answered the same day
-As always, JPR Systems employees continue to work in a responsible and safe manner
-Offices available in Southern, Central and Northern California to serve customers in California, Western Nevada and Hawaii.

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JPR Systems
Karen Koenes
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Dave Alber’s VR Paintings App Allows Art Lovers to Enter Oil Paintings as VR Experiences

New York, NY, March 21, 2020 –(– Oil painter, Dave Alber recently launched his VR Paintings app, a virtual reality gallery app showcasing his Hybrid VR Paintings™.

Hybrid VR Paintings™ are physical/virtual hybrid paintings that occupy physical space on your wall while simultaneously manifesting within the virtual world.
These paintings have no edges in the virtual world. They are 360°. Entering these virtual reality paintings you can:

Move 360° in panoramic VR space,
Zoom out to enjoy the big picture, and
Zoom in to focus on the details.

An art lover can hang a Hybrid VR Painting™ on their wall and through a monitor, cellphone, Smart TV, or VR headset allow guests to enter the Hybrid VR Painting™ in an immersive VR experience.

The Floating Gallery™ is a VR art gallery that users enter to tour VR art exhibitions and enter VR art.

In The Floating Gallery™ art lovers explore an enhanced experience of Hybrid VR Paintings™. They can explore:

room after room of paintings,
buttons to interact with the gallery content, and
integration with web-based resources.

The VR Paintings app is a cellular and VR headset compatible VR gallery for viewing VR art. As a cellphone app, viewers can view paintings as either full-screen or immersive stereoscopic experiences. With VR Paintings, art lovers can enter colorful and thick impasto oil paintings and experience them as fully immersive 360° virtual reality experiences. Within the app, travelers journey through The Floating Gallery™, a 360° oil painted gallery, where they can explore room after room of fine art collections. Interactive buttons allow users to move amongst galleries; to enter paintings as 360° environments; to view flat art; and to get more information about the art.

Oil painter and app developer, Dave Alber says, “Hybrid VR Paintings™ connect the long continuity of the oil painting tradition with the immediacy of 21st century technology. Not everyone sees the value of art, but friends of the art tradition will certainly want to explore this new marriage of physical art and VR technology.”

Timeline of Hybrid VR Paintings™:

August 2019 – Hybrid VR Paintings™ were revealed in the book A Curious Heart’s Wanderlust in China (ISBN-10: 1086903560).
October 2019 – Hybrid VR Paintings™ were featured in 2-page color spreads in the art catalogue Ravages of Time & Permanence of Wonder (ISBN-10: 1689274565).
October 2019 – Hybrid VR Paintings™ were exhibited in the Old World New World exhibition in KunChef in Kunshan, China.
December 2019 – The Floating Gallery™ launched an online gallery of Hybrid VR Paintings™ (
January 2020 – The VR Paintings app, the fully immersive app version of The Floating Gallery™ launched on the Android platform to be distributed on the Google Play Store and the Amazon AppStore.
February 2020 – The VR Paintings app launched on Oculus Go Store and as a download for HTC Vive.
March 2020 – Four galleries of Hybrid VR Paintings™ were exhibited in the art book 2020 Is the Year of Hybrid VR Paintings (ISBN-13: 979-8622984525).

An introduction to Hybrid VR Paintings™, this new integration of art and technology, is available at

The Floating Gallery™ is live online at

Dave’s VR Paintings app is available on the following platforms and VR output formats:

· Available at the Google Play Store
· Available at the Amazon AppStore

VR Headset:
· Available at the Oculus Go Store
· Available as a download for HTC Vive at


“It’s reminiscent of the sound barrier being broken,” artist Dave Alber states, “Hybrid VR Paintings™ are physical oil paintings intact within the arrow-like trajectory of the representational art tradition that have shattered the barrier from physical art to virtual art… completely whole. They link the physical world, virtual world, and the continuity of our cultural tradition together in a singular fever of paradox.”

Art galleries and collectors interested in Dave Alber’s Hybrid VR Paintings™ are invited to contact Dave Alber at [email protected]

Please see for more information.

Contact Information:
Dave Alber
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Email is best as I travel.

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