Nintendo may break into mobile games

Shareholder urges company to take the mobile space more seriously

Nintendo may be entering into the mobile games space. The famed developer has said in the past that it has little to no interest in developing an publishing games for mobile devices. These games may be exactly what the company needs to remain relevant with consumers and generate more revenue, however. One of Nintendo’s most prominent shareholders, Seth Fischer, is now urging the developer to set its sights on mobile gaming in order to take advantage of the popularity that exists within that sector.

Mobile gaming continues to be quite lucrative for the game industry as a whole

Mobile games have become one of the most lucrative aspects of the game industry. Consumers are becoming more reliant on their mobile devices, which also means that they are using these devices for the sake of entertainment more regularly. Mobile games have become one of the most popular entertainment sources among consumers with smartphones and tablets. These consumers have also shown that they are willing to spend money on these games regularly. As consumers become more mobile, Nintendo may risk losing its relevance with new and future generations of consumers if it does not accommodate their interests.

Nintendo has an aversion to mobile gaming

Mobile Games - NintendoNintendo President Satoru Iwata notes that any short-term gain the company would receive from releasing its franchises on mobile devices would not be worth the development effort. Iwata does acknowledge, however, that Nintendo’s most beloved franchises do not need to be brought over to mobile devices. Instead, the developer could produce new titles that would be ideal for mobile devices while retaining the pedigree of its longstanding franchises.

Company may lose relevance with consumers as they become more mobile

Mobile games have become a popular pastime throughout the world. In Japan, consumers are spending hours upon hours playing these games and many are spending large sums of money on these games as well. If Nintendo continues to ignore the mobile space, the developer may end up facing an uncertain future, especially as its competitors begin to become more involved in the mobile world.

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