Mobile wallet to allow funds transfers over social networks

Oxygen has now launched its smartphone payments app service that provides users a new way to pay and get paid.

Provider of payment solutions, Oxygen, has now announced the launch of its mobile wallet service, called the Oxygen Wallet, which provides users the ability to transfer money and buy gifts for family and friends with whom they are connected over social networks.

This service can also be used for bill payments, refilling cell phone service accounts, and shopping.

According to the chairman and managing director of Oxygen, Pramod Saxena, “Ours is the country’s first social mobile wallet service through which people can share money with their friends and family over their preferred social networks and messaging platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google+, and Twitter.”

It is expected that the top users of this mobile wallet will be youth when they want to split bills with friends.

Mobile Wallet - Social MediaThe service will give these individuals the chance to send smaller but frequent amounts of money or gifts to their friends. When they head to restaurants and they want to split the bill, they can easily transfer their share of the total to the individual who has covered the whole thing.

Saxena explained that they will be able to use the Oxygen Wallet to be able to pay their bills, to make payments on mobile commerce sites such as when purchasing movie tickets, to pay for pizza orders, to make travel ticket bookings, to pay for movie and music downloads, and to pay for their mobile service charges.

He added that “Oxigen now sees the opportunity to leverage the social connect to India’s 900 million mobile users and 100 million Facebook accounts, where the youth is rapidly adopting social media apps like WhatsApp, Twitter etc.”

The mobile wallet apps is now available on both the Google Play Store and on the Apple Store. According to Saxena, it gives users the ability to be able to send funds to their connections through their favorite social media channels without ever having to actually share any of the information about their own bank account or about the accounts of the recipient.

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