Mobile marketing option unveiled by Voltari

One of the more established providers of smartphone and tablet advertising solutions now has a premium offering.

Voltari Corporation, an established mobile media solutions provider, has now unveiled some of the future of its offerings, including a premium mobile marketing channel that is meant to open up a range of new opportunities for its current and prospective customers.

The name of this new channel is “Emporia”, which is being called a first of its kind within this marketplace.

The company has called its new mobile marketing channel the “first independent and transparent mobile channel for the purchase and sale of premium publisher inventory by a select group of advertisers.” Participants in Emporia will also include some of the leaders in the industry when it comes to data providers, as well as leading video and rich media ad unit hosts.

This mobile marketing channel was created in order to respond to an unmet need for practical and effective options.

mobile marketing option unveiledThe reason that Voltari developed Emporia in the first place is that the current offerings within this industry are greatly lacking when it comes to cost and effectiveness from both technology and service providers. This has led publishers to experience a considerable reduction in the advertising spend and has held back the value that is provided to advertisers by agencies.


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Emporia has been designed to use the proprietary technology at Voltari, which pinpoints the engagement tendencies of each user in real time, across industry verticals. According to the acting CEO of the company, Richard Sadowsky, in a statement that he prepared, “Emporia will be an environment in which all the participants emerge as winners.”

Sadowsky also explained that the users of this mobile marketing channel will obtain engaging and high-impact ad units in the ideal moment. Publishers will be the primary recipients of the CPM, and advertisers will be able to tell that their mobile ads are being connected with premium content. These advertisements will be delivered to users through a method that will use the nature of mobile to its fullest. “We will be rolling out industry verticals in partnership with marquee specialty data providers and will be announcing our first data provider partnership in the next few weeks.”

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