Mobile gaming revenue is exploding in China

Mobile games are becoming much more popular throughout China

Mobile games are exploding in China. The country is now home to one of the largest mobile markets in the world, largely due to the increase smartphone penetration and the expansion of mobile networks throughout the country. Niko Partners, a leading research firm, has released its latest report concerning the growth of mobile gaming in China. According to the report, China is on track to outpace the United States when it comes to mobile gaming revenue.

Mobile gaming revenue in China to hit $5.5 billion by the end of this year

The report shows that China’s mobile gaming revenue will reach $5.5 billion by the end of this year. This represents a 66% increase over the revenue that was reported in 2014. Global mobile gaming revenue is expected to be approximately $30 billion, with China accounting for a significant portion of that revenue as its gaming space begins to expand. By the end of this year, China is expected to be home to more than 420 million gamers that use their mobile devices to play the games they like.

The US is beginning to fall behind when it comes to mobile games

China Mobile Gaming RevenueThe United States has been one of the countries leading the way in mobile gaming revenue for several years. Now, however, China is beginning to outpace the country, largely due to the number of mobile games that have been released in the country. The Chinese gaming market is currently dominated by Tencent, which owns the massively popular WeChat application. Other companies have found success in the market as well, where consumers are showing favor for playing convenient games while commuting.

China’s mobile gaming revenue to hit $11.1 billion by 2019

According to the report from Niko Partners, China’s mobile gaming revenue is expected to swell to $11.1 billion by 2019. As developers bring more games to the country and mobile networks continue to expand, more consumers are expected to spend money on these games. Consumers have shown that they are very willing to spend money on mobile games they enjoy, though doing so has been considered a controversial practice in other parts of the world.

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