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Mobile games are powering growth for NetEase

NetEase is finding more success in China’s promising mobile gaming market

NetEase, one of China’s largest gaming and Internet companies, has posted its revenue and earnings report for the fourth quarter of 2015. The report shows that the company has seen exceptional growth, powered mostly by the growing popularity of mobile games. NetEase has been involved in the gaming space for some time, with online gaming being the company’s largest business segment. As the mobile space has grown over the years, the company has delved into mobile gaming, offering consumers access to an assortment of entertaining and, in some cases, addicting games that they can play wherever they are.

Net revenue has increased across the board for NetEase, with the mobile sector powering growth

According to the report, NetEase’s online gaming segment more than doubled in the fourth quarter of 2015. Overall growth, however, was powered by mobile games. The company notes that it saw a 103% year-over-year revenue increase from online games, a 68% increase from advertising services, and a 355% increase from e-commerce and other services during the fourth quarter. Mobile gaming has become one of the most powerful influencers of growth for NetEase, with the company’s mobile portfolio now overflowing with more than 80 games.

Company has established a strong position in the gaming market

mobile games growthLast Year, NetEase began taking steps to improve its position in the mobile gaming space. These efforts have proven successful, and this will allow the company to compete with others in the mobile space more effectively. While NetEase is expected to continue focusing heavily on online gaming, particularly where traditional PC games are concerned, the mobile space may begin to take up more of the company’s focus this year.

NetEase may see more growth during the first quarter of this year

Analysts expect that NetEase’s net revenue for the first quarter of 2016 will grow by 126%, but the company has not yet released any information concerning the most recent quarter. If mobile games continue to prove lucrative for the company, revenue growth will likely be secured. It will, of course, have to ensure that its games are quite attractive to consumers that rely on their smartphones and tablets for entertainment.

Tencent to bring more mobile games and free video streaming to WeChat and QQ

Tencent is finding success in offering inexpensive content

Tencent is one of China’s largest Internet and commerce businesses, but it does have strong competition from others that have established a foothold in both of these sectors. In order for Tencent to beat out the competition, the company is beginning to focus on providing consumers with inexpensive entertainment, ranging from mobile games to free video streaming services. Tencent expects to see significant growth in the coming year, despite the slowing economy in China.

Mobile games and free HBO streaming are likely to generate strong interest among consumers

Tencent is responsible for the massively popular WeChat and QQ messaging applications. Both of these apps will soon support new mobile games that are coming to the country. They will also offer free streaming of HBO’s successful “Game of Thrones” series. Mobile games, in particular, are likely to drive significant growth, as many consumers in China prefer to play these types of games because they represent a very convenient form of entertainment.

China’s economy is growing slowly

Tencent - Mobile GamesBy coupling mobile games with free video streaming through WeChat and QQ, Tencent expects that it will see a 28% surge in sales. This is four times faster than the rate of domestic economic growth in China. The country’s economy is currently growing at the slowest rate it has seen in 25 years. Several companies have managed to find success despite the slowing economy through a focus on the mobile sector. These companies are supporting mobile commerce, as well as various forms of mobile media.

Mobile games continue to find success in China

Mobile games are likely to become a primary focus for Tencent, but not the company’s sole focus, of course. Tencent has a long history of supporting mobile gaming and by expanding the capabilities of its WeChat and QQ apps, it will likely connect better with gamers in China. Many new games are coming to China, with developers seeing significant promise in the country. This has made China one of the fastest growing markets for mobile games in the world.