Mobile gaming in China to reach new heights in 2013

China Mobile GamingMobile gaming continues to grow in China

Online gaming, especially in the mobile space, has been picking up momentum over the past year. More consumers are getting their hands on mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, leading them to participate in mobile gaming more actively. In China, the revenue that online gaming generates is expected to reach new highs. Analysys International, a research firm based in Beijing, has released a new report that predicts the growth of the online gaming sector in China.

Half of China’s mobile consumers play mobile games

Many of the mobile device owners in China make use of mobile gaming in one way or another. Most of these games allow players to connect to the Internet and socialize with their friends and other gamers. The social aspects of mobile gaming is one of the reasons these game applications have become popular with consumers. According to Analysys International, China’s mobile gaming industry has tapped into approximately half of the country’s mobile consumers, which has poised the industry for aggressive growth in the future.

Mobile gaming market to reach $11 billion in 2013


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Analysys International predicts that China’s online gaming market will reach $11 billion in 2013, driven largely by mobile games. Browser games, a popular pastime for PC owners, are expected to become less prevalent as developers and consumers begin to focus more on mobile gaming. The country’s game industry has been making strides in further enthralling consumers in the world of mobile games. Developers are beginning to focus on introducing 3D elements into their online games.

Mobile games gaining ground all over the world

Online mobile gaming is not only becoming more popular in China. Consumers all over the world are responding well to mobile games of various types. Many enjoy the entertainment they receive from mobile gaming, while others use mobile games simply to pass the time. Whatever the case may be, the worldwide mobile gaming market is expected to see rapid growth in the near future.

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