Mobile games continue to grow in popularity

Mobile Games PopularityJuniper Research study highlights growth of mobile games

Juniper Research, a leading market research firm, has released a new study on the state of mobile games. As with other studies in the same vein, Juniper’s notes that mobile games are gaining strong momentum among consumers as smartphones and tablets become more availability. Mobile games are helping many fulfill their need for entertainment throughout the day, while also providing sufficient distraction for those at work or traveling. The report paints a promising future for the mobile games sector as more people become involved in gaming on their mobile devices.

64 billion mobile games to be downloaded by 2017

The study from Juniper Research predicts that more than 64 billion mobile games will be downloaded by consumers by 2017, more than triple the number of downloads that were reported in 2012. While many mobile games are specifically designed to be addicting, Juniper Research claims that the most significant contributing factor to this growth is the increasing number of free-to-play mobile games. These games require no purchase and are available to all consumers, immediately making them more attractive than games that are associated with a fee.


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Games prove most popular with tablet owners

The study shows that tablet owners are particularly fond of mobile games. Juniper Research suspects that the reason mobile games are so popular among tablet owners is due to the better controls, larger screens, and higher fidelity visuals that can be achieved through these devices. As such, tablet games are considered slightly better than their smartphone counterparts among consumers. The study suggests that there are twice as many downloads for mobile games among tablet owners than among smartphone owners.

Mobile games expected to continue growing beyond 2017

Juniper Research does not predict the growth of mobile games to slow down beyond 2017. These games have established themselves as a cornerstone of the game industry and many developers and publishers therein are beginning to consider mobile games an ideal medium to consumer engagement. These games have also become one of the most lucrative sectors of the game industry.

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