Mobile commerce shoppers are affected by customer service

New B2X research reveals considerable insight regarding the behaviors of smartphone based consumers.

The mobile commerce landscape is becoming increasingly prevalent in American society and recent data from B2X and Motorola has now been released to help to show companies how they might be able to increase a customer’s inclination to shop with them.

When all was said and done, the primary point that this study underscored was that customer service is vital.

The survey showed that American mobile commerce shoppers prioritize customer care and service and are more likely to shop with the companies that provide for them in this way. It is not just a matter of pre-sale service that matters. In fact, post-sales service and customer support were deemed the most critical in the minds of mobile shoppers.

This helps to put an important spotlight on a vital component of mobile commerce and the experience as a whole.

Mobile Commerce ResearchConsumers who were considering an m-commerce purchase found that those two elements were the ones that had the most sway over their final decisions. According to Raul Sfat of B2X, “This survey further proves our belief that customer care should be the top priority for all device manufacturers, insurance providers and wireless carriers in the mobile industry.” He went on to say that “Therefore, we believe that enabling our clients to provide the most efficient, unprecedented customer care allows them to attract and maintain loyal consumers.”

Additional data collected within the report showed that:

• 86 percent of Americans said that the main use that they have for their smartphones is texting.
• 70 percent of Americans believe that if their device should need repairs, they should be completed within the same day.
• 30 percent of Americans do not know where to go about obtaining mobile device problem assistance.
• 25 percent said that they experience problems with their devices one time every year.

This knowledge could make a considerable difference to device manufacturers and retailers who are hoping to maximize the potential of their mobile commerce and to give consumers every reason to shop with them and to purchase their products.

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