Mobile apps are now easier to find with the Google Play Store’s new user interface

This move was made in order to make it easier for smartphone users to be able to shop for applications.

Google has just made an important and long awaited move that is designed to make it easier for people to be able to buy things, such as mobile apps, from the Play Store while they are on the go and using their smartphones and tablets.

Android device users how have a mobile friendly interface that helps them to shop for content.

The new smartphone friendly store offers a range of features, such as a slide out navigation menu that gives the user immediate and direct access to all of the various parts of the Play Store. This includes a section for “devices” so that users can purchase mobile apps, various forms of devices, and all of the content that they could possibly want. All of this is now possible from their smartphone or tablet browser, instead of having to rely on the app or the web based store over a laptop or desktop computer.

So far, mobile apps shoppers are applauding this move by Google to give them a browser based option.

Mobile Apps - Google PlayOverall, it appears to work quite well and allows those who would prefer to use a browser for their Google Play experience to make that choice.

Though its layout does take some getting used to for the first use or so, it also offers the added advantage that users of devices on platforms other than Android will also be able to make purchases through the Play Store. Therefore, the store will not be limited to users of Android devices, but iPhone and iPad users and even BlackBerry and Windows Phone users will also be able to access the store.

Moreover, it gives people the chance to purchase devices. This is an option that the existing Google Play mobile apps on Android does not have to offer. Many mobile device users have been pushing for this option for some time and are thrilled to see that their voices have been heard. The actual popularity of the site has yet to be seen.

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