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Google Play Developer Program gets a policy and rules overhaul

The tech giant has now rolled out a brand new appearance and feel for its program, which is meant to simplify it.

A new look and feel for the Google Play Developer Program Policy Center has now been rolled out in order to make it easier for app developers to be able to locate, view and understand its guidelines.

This was done as a part of an overhaul of the service in order to make the experience more appealing.

It included everything from the navigation to a makeover of the visual side of the Google Play Developer Program to include its “Material Design” for the organization of the program’s policies and guidelines by way of various large themes, such as “Privacy and Security” and “Restricted Content.” In that way, they are hoping to reduce or eliminate any potential confusion with regards to what is and is not permissible or recommended within the program.

That said, the rules have also been updated for Google Play developers, and more information is provided about them.

Google Play StoreThe information about all the rules has been expanded, as has data with regards to the way the policies for mobile app developers are enforced. This is meant to make violation resolution faster and easier. The information not only provides detailed guidelines of the most common violations, but it also includes visual examples that will clarify things even further.

While Google’s mobile app restrictions aren’t as limiting as Apple’s in terms of the types of applications that are permitted on the digital marketplace, its oversight has been increasing over the last few years. Last year, an internal mobile app review team was introduced quite subtly by the company. The members of that team are responsible for scanning through apps in order to be able to spot violations of the program’s policies.

There are also automatic scans run through Google Play apps in order to help to spot malware and other forms of more obvious content violates, such as applications that include sexual content, or that use copyrighted material without adequate documentation that grants the necessary permission to use it.

BlackBerry PRIV apps have already arrived at the Play Store

The first smartphone from the company based on Android will start shipping in under two weeks.

The first among the signature BlackBerry PRIV apps for the first smartphone powered by Android that has been made by handset maker have now been uploaded to the Google Play Store.

This has been done in anticipation of the release of the smartphone, which is expected in mid-November.

Among the signature BlackBerry PRIV apps that have already been uploaded to the Play Store are the DTEK for the brand as well as the launcher, keyboard and the camera application. At the moment, it doesn’t appear as though it is possible for people without that specific smartphone to download those mobile apps. Attempts have been reported online and have stated that other device users simply receive a message that says that the apps are not compatible with their devices. This has come as a disappointment to consumers who had been hoping to be able to try out BlackBerry’s keyboard on their own smartphones, for example.

The benefit of the BlackBerry PRIV apps at the moment comes from the descriptions of the features.

Blackberry PRIV apps in Google PlayThe descriptions that have been shared for these mobile apps are now providing those who are curious about the devices with a window into the details of several of the features that would be available in the upcoming smartphone.

The DTEK description provides an especially clear view of the app. Until now, BlackBerry has not provided a great deal of information with regards to its functionality and has said only that this application will make it possible to be able to better manage their smartphone security and safety levels. However, the description that has been posted on Google Play with regards to this signature app has shown a much larger amount of information. It has offered a comprehensive overview of the various permissions that the user must grant to the application that they will have installed onto the PRIV.

Furthermore, those BlackBerry PRIV apps are able to scan the device of the user in order to provide the owner with suggestions with regards to what they can do to better enhance their device security.