Mobile apps are exploding in India

Indian consumers are showing their love for mobile apps

Mobile app usage in India is exploding. More consumers are beginning to use a variety of application in their daily lives, with these apps ranging from shopping platforms to social media tools and everything in between. At the recent Apps India conference, mobile experts noted that app usage was increasing due to growing smartphone penetration and the growing interest that consumers have in mobile commerce. As the country’s mobile Internet continues to expand, more consumers are likely to make use of mobile applications as well.

Growing mobile Internet usage is leading more consumers to use mobile apps

Consumers accessing the Internet through their mobile devices are most likely to use applications, especially when it comes to shopping online. Mobile shopping apps have become quite popular among consumers as these applications provide an enjoyable and convenient shopping experience. Notably, educational apps are also becoming more prominent among consumers, as these applications provide consumers with an opportunity to learn new things at their convenience.

App economy is having an impact on India’s economy

 Mobile Apps ExplosionGrowing app usage has also had a positive impact on India’s economy. The app economy has created approximately 75,000 direct jobs throughout the country with the potential to create some 600,000 direct jobs over the coming years. Retailers have also found significant success in the mobile space through their focus on mobile commerce. Mobile shopping applications have made it possible for consumers to shop with their smartphones and tablets in a more convenient way and this has lead to higher revenues for some retailers.

More than 9 billion apps to be downloaded this year

The number of consumers using mobile apps has increased significantly over the past year. Approximately 9 billion mobile apps will be downloaded throughout the country by the end of this year, which is more than five times the number of apps that were downloaded in 2012. This is presenting app developers with very promising opportunities that they can take advantage of to engage consumers and provide them with tools and services that they could be interested in.

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