Mobile apps may be easier to find with upcoming Google Play highlights

The tech giant has said it will be using this new feature to overcome the issues in application discovery.

While user reviews can be helpful in discovering which mobile apps are better than others, among the main struggles that are found in using reviews in order to produce search results is that the quality of all reviews is not created equal.

Many mobile app reviews are vindictive, not created by real users and can be quite juvenile.

Because of this, they don’t always provide any benefit to people who are trying to determine whether or not they’ve found mobile apps that are worthwhile. As the discoverability of mobile applications becomes an increasingly challenging issue, Google has now said it has come up with a unique solution that is designed to overcome the issues currently faced by Google Play in the recommendations it makes.

The new highlights feature, which is gradually rolling out by region, should help to improve in finding mobile apps.

Mobile Apps - Google PlayThe highlights feature of Google Play is meant to help to pay attention to phrases that are commonly used within reviews. For instance, if the phrase “too many ads” appears consistently within the reviews of a specific mobile application, that term will be highlighted by Google Play and will be revealed to anyone who is considering the download of the app. Though this is admittedly far from being a complete solution to all the struggles faced by app developers in producing better exposure for their products, the hope is that it will be a considerable improvement from which things will be able to get better.

The way the review highlights will work will make it possible for people browsing through Google Play with the ability to gain insight into the trends among reviews that wouldn’t be possible simply by listing the feedback and the number of stars it has earned in ratings. The feature is being launched a bit at a time and is already being seen in the United States, though it has not yet stepped into Canada, for example.

That said, this feature for finding mobile apps is expected to make itself outward in the near future.

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