International Games System aims to take big steps in 2013

International Games System takes big stepsInternational Games System plans to take over Taiwan gaming and break into South Korea

International Games System, one of the largest game development firms in Taiwan, is looking to enter into the mobile gaming market of South Korea. The company has a strong interest in online gaming and has recently announced its partnership with Chunhwa Telecom, which will pave the way for the launch of a new online mobile game. Though International Games System is looking to break into the South Korean market, it will also be launching a number of mobile games in Taiwan as well.

Mobile gaming gains momentum

Mobile gaming is picking up steam, even as the industry itself is already inundated with products from a vast multitude of development companies. One of the reason mobile gaming has been gaining attraction is because of the widespread use of smart phones and tablets. The advent of these mobile devices opened a new avenue for the game industry, through which is could target a demographic that was interested in playing games wherever they may be at the time.


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Developer aims to develop largest gaming platform in Taiwan

International Games System has plans to create the largest online gaming platform in Taiwan. Through this platform, it expects mobile game sales to more than double in 2013. Currently, the company’s most popular game, Salon Boss I, boasts of 300,000 users in Taiwan, Hong King and Macau. International Games System believes that it can expand its reach by creating an online gaming platform that acts as a hub for all of the company’s current and future titles.

Plans in place to enter South Korean gaming market

Breaking into the South Korean gaming market may be significantly more difficult task. International Games System will have to face down much larger companies than itself if it wants to be competitive in the market. Currently, the company is working on agreements with SK Telecom, KT Corp, and LG U+ that may help it establish a foothold in the South Korean gaming market.

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