ZooZ introduces new approach on mobile payments

Combined Mobile Paymens and Mobile AdvertisingZooZ combines mobile payments and advertisements

ZooZ, a mobile payment startup, has some ambitious plans when it comes to mobile commerce. Consumers are becoming more integrated with mobile technology, which has made them prime targets for advertisements online. Because these consumers are showing a strong interest in shopping online using their mobile devices, advertisements designed to engage these consumers through such platforms have been quite successful in the past. ZooZ believes that it can increase click-to-buy conversions associated with mobile advertisements with its new mobile payments system.

In-ad payments could streamline mobile commerce

ZooZ has unveiled its new in-ad mobile payments system. The system is designed to work with visible banner advertisements, which are commonly found in a wide variety of mobile applications. When a consumer clicks on these ads, a ZooZ checkout window opens and prompts the user to enter their financial information. This information is used by ZooZ to processes financial transactions. Once this information has been stored, future purchases can be made with just a tap of the finger.


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ZooZ aims for convenience

This new system is a spin on the increasingly common in-app purchases that have been swarming the mobile space. These in-app purchases are meant to encourage consumers to participate in mobile payments in some way. ZooZ believes that advertising and mobile commerce can be combined to create an effective mobile payments system that is both convenient for consumers and lucrative for the companies that rely on such systems.

Company could break new ground in mobile commerce field

ZooZ recently rose more than $2 million in its Series A funding, showing that it has acquired a significant amount of support from investors interested in mobile payments. The company has been working to break new ground in mobile commerce by offering innovative services that are yet uncommon in this sector. The company’s new in-ad mobile payments may be a good way to streamline mobile commerce and make it easier for consumers to purchase products they are interested in quickly and efficiently.

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