yStat highlights growth of m-commerce in Germany

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yStat predicts mobile commerce to continue gaining momentum in Europe

A recent report from yStat, a mGermany m-commercearket research firm based in Germany, shows that mobile commerce is one the rise in Germany and much of the rest of Europe. Retailers have been showing strong support for mobile commerce, largely because of the interest consumers have been showing in the same concept. Consumers around the world are beginning to rely more heavily on their smart phones and tablets, thus presenting an opportunity for a new form of commerce to take root. Mobile commerce represents a major opportunity for retailers that are able to attract the attention of these consumers.

2012 may be one of the most successful years for the retail industry

According to yStat, revenue from m-commerce and e-commerce gateways is expected to have shown major growth in 2012, with retail sales made through mobile platforms accounting for a sizeable portion of this growth. Online-only businesses, such as eBay and Amazon, are likely to find that they have performed well in Germany. yStat notes that mobile sales in 2012 have already shown signs of aggressive consumer adoption in the realm of mobile commerce.

Reputation dictates spending

yStat predicts that the number of consumers that use digital platforms to make purchases will increase well into 2016. Mobile commerce will play a big role in this growth as consumers gain access to more convenient, secure, and feature-filled services. While mobile commerce platforms have to provide consumers with expedient and convenient services in order to be considered viable, the reputation of a retailer is more important when it comes to mobile shopping. According to yStat, consumers are more likely to spend money online with a company that they believe can be trusted.

Amazon ahead of the curve

yStat notes that Amazon is well ahead of the curve when it comes to mobile commerce in Germany. The company has long held a powerful presence in the online, space, but has been working to broaden its reach to mobile consumers recently. The company’s efforts seem to be paying off, as Amazon experienced powerful growth in terms of mobile sales this year.

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