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A new Apple Watch app lets the smartwatch control Tesla cars

A developer has now come up with an application that allows the wearables to control the Model S.

A developer named Allen Wong from Rego Apps has come up with a new application for the Apple Watch that would make it possible for the owner of a Tesla Model S electric car to be able to access the basic functions of the vehicles from the convenience of his or her wearable technology device.

In this way, those functions can be controlled by the wearer of the smartwatch to improve the vehicle’s convenience.

The design of the Apple Watch App is such that it makes it possible for a user to complete a large number of functions that range from controlling the air conditioning settings to even opining the roof. Rego Apps went to the extent of documenting the app and sharing it over a YouTube video in order to help to demonstrate exactly what it is capable of doing. The video pointed out that this application doesn’t require the smartwatch wearer to be close to the electric car in order to control it.

The Apple Watch app makes it possible to access each of the controls remotely, all over the internet.

The video explained that “(T)he craziest part is that this can all be done remotely. You don’t even need to be near the car to issue the commands. It’s all communicated through the internet.”

The number of different things that the smartwatch application is capable of providing actually reaches beyond some of the options that are available through the official app from Tesla that also provides some remote functions through a vehicle owner’s smartphone. Among the various features that the wearable technology have to offer includes the chance to unlock or lock the car doors, to change the charge limit of the vehicle, to alter the climate control settings such as the air conditioner, to identify the position of the vehicle on a map through geolocation technology, and even use the wearables as a type of key for remote starting.

What has yet to be know is how many people have both an Apple Watch and a Tesla Model S so that they will actually be able to try to benefit from this wearable technology app.

Instagram unveils Apple Watch app as first step into wearables

The social network is now in the process of creating its first application compatible with smartwatches.

Instagram has now announced that it is developing a new Apple Watch app that would provide its users with an alert as soon as there is a picture posted by someone that they know.

The Facebook owned image based social network will now be providing a simpler alert system for users.

The idea is to make it possible for the wearers of the smartwatch to use this Apple Watch app to keep up with what their closest friends are doing. It will let them know when a picture has been posted so that they can view it and respond as they’d like. This represents the first time that Instagram has ever made an entry into the world of wearable technology. Until now, it has kept itself well away from wearables, including the number of other smartwatches that are already on the market, and headsets such as Google Glass.

That said, due to the image based nature of Instagram, the Apple Watch app had to be created with care.

Instagram unveils Apple Watch appAfter all, the social network is meant for pictures and the Apple Watch has a tiny little screen. This caused the developers of the app to have to completely rethink the way that it would function. According to Ian Silber, a designer at Instagram, it was key for them to come up with “the simplest feed we could think of.” He also went on to add that “I think the watch is really about quick information and notifications. With the Watch, it’s about thinking about interactions in terms of seconds.”

Apple has established very solid rules with regards to the way that it will allow apps to be created for its smartwatch. For example, it has restricted the types of tools that third party developers can come up with through the use of its tools (the Watchkit). For example, the developers at Instagram attempted to transfer the double-tapping an image feature from its smartphone application in order to “like” that image through the Apple Watch app. However, that is not a feature that the Watchkit has to offer.