Wearable devices may be eBay’s next big boom

Wearables are gaining ground with eBay

Wearable devices may be the next big thing for eBay. The company has reported that it has seen a major increase in sales following the launch of its first application for the Apple Watch, a new device released by Apple at the end of April. The device has managed to attract a great deal of interest, especially those that have shown favor for mobile commerce, which involves the purchase of products with a mobile device, both online and in physical stores.

Growing number of consumers are showing interest in wearable devices as mobile commerce continues to thrive

eBay has played a major role in the e-commerce world for many years, but the company is beginning to show a greater interest in the mobile space. The growing number of consumers with smartphones has provided eBay, as well as other retailers, with a promising opportunity. Mobile commerce has become a significant force in the world of commerce and many companies are beginning to become mobile-centric in order to cater to the needs of consumers that are interested in mobile shopping.

50% of eBay shoppers purchased from the technology category in 2014

Wearable Devices- eBay According to the report from eBay, more than 50% of its customers bought products in the technology category in 2014. Wearable devices are included in this category and a large portion of shoppers purchased these devices through the e-commerce platform. These devices appear to be particularly popular in Australia, where consumers have become enthralled with the convenient nature of these devices and their ability to perform in the mobile commerce space.

Wearable devices could have a major impact on the growth of mobile commerce

Not all wearable devices are designed with mobile commerce in mind. Some of these devices are developed for the purpose of tracking health information or connecting to social networks. A growing number of these devices are cropping up with the ability to facilitate mobile shopping. In Australia, these devices are becoming more common, which is giving a greater number of consumers the ability to participate in the mobile commerce space.

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